Top Compact Boat Maintenance Tip

All compact boats require maintenance regardless of whether they are small, customized or basic. The CraigCat requires the least amount of maintenance in the world of boating.  Evinrude engines only require scheduled maintenance every 3 years or 300 hours! Besides a little cleaning and a little lubrication on the steering system the CraigCat is very easy to care for.

Wash your boat

The simplest task is to wash your boat on a regular basis. If you boat in salt water, ensure that you rinse it thoroughly with fresh water after every boating outing to get rid of salt residue. Consider using marine boat wash since it is formulated for gel coat. Some boaters also use car wash soap and laundry soap in a pinch.

Let Us Provide Compact Boat Maintenance

If you would like us to provide Compact Boat Maintenance at our Craig Catamaran Corporation headquarters, give us a call today to schedule your appointment: (407) 290-8778.

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