Winter is coming and you probably will not be taking your boat rides until next summer. Therefore, you need to prepare proper storage for it. And, even as you do so, you need to ensure that your boat is in proper condition for when you use it next. Here are some tips to help you prepare your boat for winter:

Clean your Boat

A Clean boat will go through winter gracefully. This is because, there will be no dirt corroding and getting into the foothold, thus, affecting the efficiency of your boat. In addition, when summer comes, it will reduce the amount of work you have on your boat. You may need to start with repair for any flaking on fiberglass in your small craft boats. Next, start cleaning the hardware, the bottom, top, deck and the trim. After you are done cleaning, ensure that your boat is dry as possible. You do not want to be dealing with a mold problem once you start your boat again.

Check your Engine

You want to ensure that your engine is in great shape for when summer comes. And, although engines are complex and will require an expert to handle them, there are one two three things that you can do. First, fill your boat with fuel, that is, if your boat uses diesel. This will help prevent air entering the tank and creating water vapor. However, if your boat engine runs on petrol, it is important to drain the fuel. Petrol tends to have damaging effects on the engine if left idle for a long time. Also, it is important that you add a stabilizer to the fuel. Another thing that you can do to protect the integrity of your engine is ensure that you drain all coolant and refresh it with an antifreeze.

Clean Out the Head and Other Areas

Cleaning the head might not be easy if you don’t have it disintegrated by an expert. Therefore, if you have a professional checking your engine, you get a great opportunity to clean the head. Also, ensure that your holding tanks are pumped out. At this point, it is important that you have an antifreeze added to your water tank and have it pumped out to other areas. And remember to add a water freshener once you refill your water tanks again, ready for use.

Remove Electronics

I cannot overemphasize on the importance of removing all electronics from the boat and have them stored in a warm dry place in your home. And while you are at it, do not leave your batteries in. You want to take them and charge them then refill with distilled water. This process will not only help in protecting them during winter, it will also increase their durability. Also, it is important that electric terminals are cleaned. After cleaning, grease them to ensure that they don’t rust, causing problems once you start your small power boats again.

Bottom Line

Getting your boat ready for winter might seem like an exhausting affair. But I can assure you that it is worth the while. A boat that is prepared for winter will be more ready to start once summer comes. This means that it will cost you less in terms of repairs. Have fun preparing your boat for winter.

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