The end of many a romantic movie is the beautiful couple cruising off into a radiant sunset. Few things set the mood or is as romantic as sailing- the wind, the waves, the close quarters. Probably one of the key reasons that you purchased a catamaran was to romance your partner and enjoy a nice evening out on the water with a bottle of wine under the setting sun. Catamarans are ideal boats to enjoy a sunset cruise on, as they have both the speed and stability of a larger boat, so that you don’t have to worry as much about turbulence, as well as the romantic close quarters of a small boat. CraigCat sells revolutionary designs of catamaran boats in the Orlando area. Call us today to talk about getting your catamaran boat!

Where to Cruise In Your Orlando Catamaran

Orlando is full of wonderful places to take your family, friend, or romantic partner out on the water, and our classic CraigCat is perfect thanks to its intimate build. Three lakes constitute the Conway Chain of Lakes: Gatlin, Conway, and Big Lake Conway, and these lakes cluster close to downtown Orlando. Not only is there a healthy amount of fishing and different water sports you and your partner can participate in, but Orlando’s rising skyline makes for a great cruise as you move across the water sightseeing. For sightseers looking to circle within the city, the Winter Park Chain of Lakes connects 2,781 acres of deep waters and narrow channels in five lakes of well-preserved nature. Another downtown lake of note is Lake Ivanhoe, an Orlando favorite for fishing and power boating in catamaran boats. You can cruise down the water and watch the cars stream by on the STate Road 408. A little fishing as the sun sets can be calming and bonding. Lake Tohopekaliga in Kissimmee is one of the best fisheries for largemouth bass in the nation, and also connects to the Alligator Chain of Lakes through a series of canals and waterways.

Go Fishing or on a Sunset Cruise in Orlando

The Indian River Lagoon system and the Atlantic Intracoastal harbors a northern waterway that is famous for its fishing as well as for its beautiful scenic views. Take your CraigCat out on the lagoon for peaceful waters and a quiet cruise with your favorite person. The seclusion of the lagoon makes for a perfect intimate date, so bring a bottle of wine, some rods, and settle in for a fabulous time. If you’re looking for a daylong adventure ending in a sunset on the river, St. John’s River is the longest river in Florida at 310 miles, and lets you cruise from Sanford or Mayport near Jacksonville.

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CraigCat’s high-quality, innovatively designed catamaran boats are perfect for outdoor water sports, fishing, or simply cruising down a body of water with your favorite person. There are many spots to enjoy a sunset cruise in your catamaran in the beautiful city of Orlando, from views of the Orlando skyline to a quiet lagoon or a cruise down the river under a setting sun. Call Craigcat today and start planning for your catamaran!


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