Mini boats can be the perfect choice for you and your friends and family to go sailing near Texas. The area is rife with large lakes and coastline, not to mention the gulf of Mexico! When it comes to small boats, one of the best choices you can go for is a catamaran. Of course, everybody’s specific sailing needs are different so they need to individually weigh the pros and cons, but recent years have brought on a growing number of catamaran converts from monohulls. For sailors who enjoy cruising around Texas, there are many advantages. The CraigCat is a top-of-the-line catamaran that can be perfect for a variety of sailors. Call us today to look at what might be the best small boat for you.

Advantages of a Catamaran

The first benefit for sailors who enjoy cruising, but need a smaller boat, is that cats are level. It is exciting and fun to lean over at 25 degrees- until your back starts hurting and you get too sunburned. There are many attractions to level sailing, and the CraigCat at a cruise heels at a very tiny degree level. This makes your offshore passage more relaxing, and you can have drink and food stay level on the table. Moreover, you don’t need to negotiate a balancing act and reefing in turbulent weather does not have to be done on a rolling slippery deck. Moreover, the CraigCat is built for fantastic sailing performance. We can sail at much faster speeds under the majority of weather conditions versus a similar-sized monohull, so you don’t have to give up speed for stability. The CraigCat is one of the mini boats that has a shallower draft, drawing less that 3 feet which allows access to areas that monohulls cannot go. This means that on a CraigCat you will have a safer, more stable anchorage. This makes hull maintenance much easier.

The CraigCat Is The Best Small Boat

The CraigCat holds many advantages among small boats that you can sail around Texas. The CraigCat is highly maneuverable in a way superior to the majority of powerboats, let along any monohull sailboat. On top of all these advantages, the CraigCat is also very stable and difficult to sink. This means that it offers a level of offshore safety that monohulls with a ballasted keel do not have. We at CraigCat have innovated the image of recreational boating as pioneers in small boat design. Our CraigCats offer state-of-the-art responsiveness, stability, and easy handling associated with a larger boat, but at a fraction of the price. Our quick, roomy, and quality-built catamaran boats blend sportboat performance with the stellar comfort of a runabout that both novice and seasoned boaters can enjoy. We can also customize features of the boat for you in order to deliver a CraigCat like no other for an unrivaled sailing experience.

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There are many types of small boats to choose from for your boating needs. Every sailor has their own set of requirements and specificities when it comes to what they look for in a boat. CraigCat is a top small boat that you can purchase, and if you’re looking for mini boats near Texas, call us today to start your own boating adventure!



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