Sanibel Island is one of the top tourist destinations on Florida’s illustrious west coast beaches. It is a prime spot to take your boat for some fun and new experiences. This tropical island has a lot of excursions to offer, whether you are looking for sporting activities or a nice seafood restaurant to indulge in. CraigCat in Orlando, Florida supplies premium compact catamaran boats that would make for the perfect day trip! Check out these Sanibel activities you can enjoy once you hit the shoreline.

Manatee and Dolphin Search


The manatee, otherwise known as the sea cow, is one of Florida’s unique creatures that you are likely to see on your beach trip. In Southwest Florida, spotting a manatee is a daily occurrence due to our warm and shallow waters. The warm waters help to regulate their body temperature, so they can typically be spotted year-round, especially during manatee season which starts in early November. This season means enforcing slow speed zones along Florida’s waterways in order to protect this endangered species from being hit by boats. Dolphins can also typically be seen year-round on Sanibel property. These little guys like to have fun, so you are likely to see them playing in your boat’s waves or jumping in the air for fun!


Sanibel Island Shelling


There are over 250 species of shells on Sanibel, making it a haven for shelling. In fact, Sanibel is known as the shelling capital of the world. Once you dock your catamaran boat, take a walk on Sanibel’s soft, sandy shores and see how many you can find! If you’re lucky, you may even see some sand creatures amongst the glistening shells. Searching for shells and sand dollars is a popular experience that never gets old. While there are some shelling guidelines to follow, it is always interesting to see how many different species you can find!

Bike Paths


For those looking for a little physical adventure, Sanibel is laden with bike paths. There are over twenty-two miles of bikes paths throughout the island, making it a hotspot for avid cyclists. You can ride through the island and take in the tropical wildlife, or even hop over to Sanibel’s neighboring Islands. Marco Island and Captiva Island are both well-known destinations that are great for bicycling. You can enjoy all-new routes and really explore what these islands have to offer.


Enjoy Fresh Seafood


Sanibel is going to serve you the freshest seafood you have ever had in your life! Sanibel hosts a variety of locally owned seafood restaurants that take pride in making their seafood fresh every day. Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grill, The Island Cow, and The Mad Hatter are just a few key locations to check out for fresh seafood. These restaurants offer sunset dinner viewing so that you can take in Florida’s breath-taking horizons while you enjoy your catch of the day.

Rent a Boat


CraigCat’s catamaran boats are the perfect way to add some adrenaline to your tropical paradise adventure. Our breakthrough watercraft designs will give you an experience unlike any other on the water. We have a variety of different boat models to choose from, each with its own unique capabilities! It will be the perfect start to your Sanibel adventure.

Want to go for a ride to Sanibel Island, Florida? Our catamaran boats can bring you up close to all of this island’s tropical ecosystems and mangroves. Plus, we can give you some more insight on the fun adventures that await you on this tropical island! Call CraigCat to book your own boat ride!

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