Boating is a favorite American recreational activity, with the popularity growing through the years. However, there just a few things to keep in mind when boating recreationally in order to have a safe, exciting time on the water. Even experienced boaters should review a few boating safety rules prior to departing from the dock. Recreational boating can and should be a blast, so read on and then get out on the water! If you’re looking for a power catamaran for sale in the near Texas area, call CraigCat today!


Tips For Being On The Water


No matter if you’re a boating newbie or an experienced sailor, it’s important to be weather-wise and aware. Make sure to always keep an eye of local weather conditions before leaving the dock, whether you’re listening to the radio or watching TV. If you notice darkening clouds, crazy wind speeds, or volatile temperature, play it safe and get back on land. Before you go out on the water at all, try to be prepared for anything that could occur on the water. After all, once you get out there, there are many elements of surprise involved with mother nature. One of the best ways to ensure that you’re following all the boating safety rules and not overlooking or forgetting any precautions is to have a pre-departure checklist and to run through everything before going on the water.


Staying Safe When Recreational Boating


Of course, common sense is a major component of this. It seems like you don’t even have to say it, but your common sense is one of the most important parts of boating safety. Do your best to steer clear of large vessels and watercraft when on the water, as they can be restricted in their ability to stop and turn. Make sure to be alert at all times when navigating, and operate at a safe speed whenever you’re on the water, especially in crowded areas. Be respectful of navigational aids such as buoys, which have been placed there to ensure the safety of you and other boaters. Boating should be a fun time as long as you keep a few things in mind, and if you’re looking for a power catamaran for sale, check out the revolutionary and highly affordable CraigCat.  Having another person on board who is familiar with all aspect of your boat’s operations, equipment, and handling as well as general boating safety is a great idea. By designating an assistant skipper, you are guaranteeing that if the primary navigator is incapacitated in any way and not able to steer or handle the boat, there is still someone else who is there to make sure everybody is safe. It’s good to have an assistant skipper in order to ensure everybody else’s safety and make sure that everybody gets back to shore. This can also be part of your float plan.


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Recreational boating can be one of the most relaxing, fun activities as long as you keep a few safety guidelines in mind. CraigCat provides affordable, quality catamarans. If you’re looking for a power catamaran for sale in the near Texas area, call us today!

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