CraigCat is here to inform you that catamaran boats are faster and better in many respects than monohulls. They are proud of their power catamaran for sale, which can be shipped worldwide directly from Orlando, Florida. CraigCat is also the number one North American seller of Evinrude outboards and, additionally, was named by the Orlando Business Journal as one of the 50 fastest-growing Central Florida privately-owned companies.


The CraigCat is the only compact power catamaran of its type on the market. It features dual-action controls for high-tech handling and a smooth ride, is easy to launch and operate, has high-speed stability, side-by-side ergonomic deluxe bucket seating, a high definition sound system, and more. Its versatility can be enjoyed when cruising, diving, fishing, relaxing, sightseeing, or just having fun out on the water.


What Are Some of the Things That Make Catamarans Faster?


  1. It is less tiring to sail a catamaran, so more concentration can be spent on making it faster.


  1. Catamarans are faster than monohulls when cruising, are extremely maneuverable, can be navigated into places that a monohull cannot get to, and can anchor closer to shore or moor the boat and take a dinghy to shore.


  1. Catamaran boats are quite stable and have a natural buoyancy, which usually makes them unsinkable. Not having a heavy keel will enable it to float even if extremely bad weather or an accident attempts to capsize the boat.


  1. Walking around on a flat deck that does not rock is safer than walking on a deck with an angle. It makes for a more family-friendly and guest-friendly comfortable ride, and seasickness has a slim-to-none occurrence.


  1. Catamarans are much more fuel-efficient and can use one engine in light winds or if one engine fails. There is two of everything, so that adds to more reliability, backups, and peace of mind while out on the water.


Why Choose a Power Catamaran for Sale?


When you are looking for a power catamaran for sale, look no further than CraigCat, which has been a pioneer in small boat design. Its patented state-of-the-art CraigCat is a high-quality and well-built recreational vessel that gives the sporty handling, responsiveness, performance, comfort, and stability of a larger boat but at just a fraction of the cost.


The unique watercraft has an appealing variety of features, finishes, and professional painting jobs that will enable the boat to be customized and personalized to your desires. If a feature does not come standard, just about every convenience is on their accessories page.


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Reach out and visit CraigCat today to try one of these exceptional CraigCat catamaran boats Orlando locals prefer for yourself and find a power catamaran for sale that meets your requirements. Join thousands of boating enthusiasts who have given one a try and have fallen in love with the powerful, yet compact design. CraigCat looks forward to answering all of your questions and providing you with an exceptional experience at a reasonable price with a boat that has a low depreciation rate and a high resale value.

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