Is your search history full of listings for pontoon boats for sale, and does the dream seem too far out of reach? Take a minute to consider what compact boats like the CraigCat can offer. Are you longing to get out on the water? Are your work week thoughts filled with dreams of weekends commanding your own vessel on the beautiful waterways of Texas and the Gulf Coast? What if you could have all of that fun, but at a fraction of the cost? Don’t just dream about days spent in the sun, fishing, cruising, or hanging out on the sandbar; start planning for your new boating life on the water!


Pontoon Boats for Sale


Traditional pontoon boats for sale in the area often sell for much more than a fully-loaded, brand new compact boat. As any boat owner will tell you, the purchase price of a boat isn’t the entire consideration for how much money it will take to get out on the water. The cost of ownership is a big consideration when searching for pontoon boats for sale. You don’t need an expensive, oversized pontoon boat to get out and enjoy beach hopping near Texas this weekend! You can start enjoying all the Gulf Coast has to offer sooner than you ever imagined. Compact boats offer significant value, they will comfortably get you to the same sandbars, fishing holes, and party spots; plus you’ll arrive in style.


Compact Boat Upkeep


And don’t forget about the upkeep: the bigger boat is going to require a bigger trailer, higher dockage fees, bigger gas bills, etc. Pontoon boats with their metal frames and plywood decks require careful attention to maintenance and upkeep to ensure they hold their value and remain in good condition. Compact boats, with their molded hulls and simple design, are far simpler, lighter and easier to care for.


The smaller the boat, the more time you can spend having fun and the less time you spend fixing, cleaning, and repairing it. A lighter trailer requires a less powerful tow vehicle, which offers you significant fuel savings to reach more distant cruising grounds. This obviously expands your options and opens up many more areas for exploration. Set your course for inland lakes or distant shores. Even the smallest sand ramp is perfect to launch from in these boats. Don’t waste money on dockage and storage costs when you can easily, and cheaply, store a compact boat at your home.


Fisherman especially can appreciate boats like the CraigCat. Whether you’re looking for more time alone, more time with your kids or more time with your best fishing buddy, you can cruise over the shallowest flats that no pontoon boat can touch. With our engine up, the CraigCat draws a mere 3 inches! The big one won’t get away this time!


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Visit CraigCat today see why more and more people are choosing CraigCat boats over traditional pontoon boats. These spunky boats offer so much value and so much fun; stop dreaming and start boating today!

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