How great would it be to set sail in a practically unsinkable boat? What if we told you that we had a vessel that did exactly that? At CraigCat, our mini catamaran that is called the Tahitian. It is one of the best compact boats we offer. Located near Texas, our experts want to make sure you know everything about this South Pacific beauty.


Tahitian Compact Boats Are The Best

Transport yourself to the South Pacific. What better way to explore your favorite waterway than with a touch of Tahitian style in The Tahitian Compact Boat.


It’s a fact! Catamarans were invented by the Polynesians. Now you can experience for yourself all of the advantages that these beautiful fascinating power catamarans provide. CraigCat is the world leader in compact power catamarans. Come see and test drive “the Tahitian” today. You are going to love what the CraigCat does! Our Tahitian Compact Boat is specially designed to deliver an unforgettable experience.


How Much Does This Mini Catamaran Cost?

Our Tahitian Compact Boat comes at affordable prices. Check it out:

  • CriagCat E2 Tahitian 25hp
    • $12,987
  • CraigCat E2 Tahitian 30hp
    • $13,387


Fishing Never Was So Perfect

Transport yourself to the Pacific with our Tahitian style compact boat. Did you know, Polynesians actually invented the catamaran boat? In case you aren’t familiar, a catamaran is a multi-hulled watercraft featuring two parallel hulls of equal size. Polynesians invented the first catamaran boat to travel the Pacific islands. The two parallel hulls were logs! The founders of Craig Cat admire how the first catamaran boat was invented and acknowledged that the Polynesians invented it. That is why we created the Tahitian!


The Tahitian is our most recent model and it screams “Island Vibes!” The centerpiece of the boat is painted to look like brown and yellow bamboo pieces, which actually looks like real bamboo. The centerpiece has the name of the boat The Tahitian written in a flowy island font with a flower attached as part of the name, or otherwise logo. Red Hibiscus flowers can be found in at least two spots on the Tahitian. One big, beautiful flower can be found towards the end of the boat right above the stereo system. Another red Hibiscus flower can be found on the convertible top, next to the words Craig Cat. If you like the Tahitian but would prefer something other than a flower, you can replace the large hibiscus flower above the stereo with a Tahitian sun. The Tahitian model also comes with a friend…a cute green lizard that is part of the theme. That little guy is placed next to the hibiscus flower above the stereo.


Call Us Today

When it comes to that perfect mini catamaran, we have just what you are looking for. Check out our Tahitian compact boats. At CraigCat, our inventory is sure to have something that will spark your interest. We have the most exceptional selection ner Texas. Call or visit us today to take a look at our catamaran boats and see the best electric catamarans for sale.

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