What Do All E2 Elite Mini Boats Have in Common?

For starters, they are the cream of the crop in terms of reliability and performance. This is what you are in store for with the CraigCat E2 Elite Mini Boats.

Imagine yourself cruising down the Florida coast in one of these amazing machines. The two models offered are the Evinrude 25 horsepower or 30 horsepower. Both engines feature the E-TEC reliability. The prices between these models vary slightly so if its horsepower you’re after, grab the 30 hp and don’t look back.

Pain Options

For a small extra cost, each model can be equipped with either the Key West edition or the CAMO edition. The standard edition comes in a white body style with blue accents. The Key West style comes in a traditional yellow body and has red accents. The seats and canopy are bright red. If you need to blend in with the scenery a little better for fishing, the CAMO edition is worth the upgrade.

The CAMO edition comes equipped with grass leaf wooden camouflage seats and canopy. In Orlando waters, these seats will blend in wonderfully with the grass sticking out of the water. The body is a light tan color. It has two spotlights on the deck to light up the night. This is a fantastic accessory for when you want to do some night fishing. These models were created with fisherman, hunters and general outdoor lovers in mind. The speaker grills are more laid back with a black accent instead of a chrome accent found on other models.

Whether it be the Standard, Key West or CAMO edition, you will have a blast with the entertainment system equipped on the CraigCat Mini Boats. They feature a full HD JBL AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth capability. The chrome finish on the speaker grills really stands out and will be sure to impress your friends. These speakers are marine tested so they can withstand the harshest of conditions.

All E2 Elite Mini Boats come standard with a full remote electric key starting mechanism. Electric tilt is also included in this package. The Dynamic Sport Tuned Suspension system will keep your body feeling great after being on the water for hours at a time. If you enjoy fishing, the custom rod holders are a wonderful treat. You can store up to 4 different rods for the entire family.

If you have a larger family, the full-width storage will be a welcoming trademark. This composite style design will house all of your belongings and keep them safe from the water. High-grade stainless steel drink holders can hold your drinks when you’re out having fun.

Let’s face it, not everyone has a truck that can haul 10 tons at a time. These Craigcat Mini Boats were made with portability in mind. They can be towed with almost any automobile or truck. The trailer holding one of these boats will only weigh approximately 850 lbs. This also makes it easier for you to get the boat on the water in a minute and enjoy the weather right away!

See Our  E2 Elite Mini Boats In Person

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