So you’re in the market for buying a boat. Orlando has plenty of beautiful harbors and beaches to take advantage of. Whether it’s an indulgence for yourself or a treat for the family, there are an abundance of good times to be had on a boat. What kind of boat should you get? What do you see yourself cruising along the blue waters or cutting through waves in? Catamarans are the obvious choice. The CraigCat is a superior catamaran with many advantages over different styles such as the John boat. When it comes to small power boats, CraigCat is a top-of-the-line option that comes in a variety of features and finishes to suit your personal style. Thousands of boating aficionados love CraigCat, whether it’s for fishing in Tahiti or cruising around Florida. Fast, spacious, and built with state-of-the-art methods and materials, the CraigCat catamaran boats are perfect for both novice and seasoned boaters alike. Come by our Orlando headquarters and see for yourself!


Advantages of a Catamaran


Catamarans are one of the fastest and most stable small power boats you can purchase with many advantages over traditional monohulls. They are more seaworthy, stable, and fuel efficient. Notorious seafaring nations with large populations of experienced boaters and fishermen like South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia are large markets for catamarans, although they’ve somehow been slower to catch on in the U.S. For experienced seafarers, a boat’s ride and sea keeping characteristics are crucial. Less experienced boaters might think more about how a boat looks or novice features like how many cushions a boat has, but if you’re planning to spend more time on the water, the last thing you want is a boat that pounds as it crosses waves and boat wakes and gets you wet. The way that a boat rides and handles is directly due to the shape of its hull. There are different benefits for each kind of hull design, so when choosing a boat, it’s important to know the pros and cons of each design style.


Hull designs fall on a spectrum, with the deep V hull design and the flat bottom or skiff hull design at the other. Skiffs and flat fishing boats have flatter bottom hulls, and are best in shallow water, as they have shallow drafts. The problem with such designs is basic physics- the less sharp the hull design, the greater the boat-wave impact. This means that the more square footage of space at the end for water to slam into, the rockier the boat will be. This leads to a less comfortable ride when in rough seas or choppy conditions. Flatter bottom hull designs, however, drift easier since they displace less water and can operate with less horsepower. There is less boat-wave impact for deeper/sharper V hull designs, allowing a more comfortable ride in rough seas or choppy conditions. Moreover, because deeper V hull designs displace more water, they are less fuel efficient and thus require greater horsepower. Small power boats should utilize this kind of design for maximum speed and the smoothest ride.


CraigCats beat the John Boat


The traditional tradeoff is between the fuel efficiency of a flat-bottomed boat and the comfort and speed of a V-hull design. With a CraigCat, you don’t have to choose. Catamaran hulls incorporate the best of both worlds, incorporating a groundbreaking deck design for a smooth ride, impact-resistant splash off, and more.


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The CraigCat offers fuel efficiency, aesthetics, speed, and power for a ride smoother than traditional designs like the John boat. It is one of the best small power boats on the market today. Call our Orlando office today for your own CraigCat!

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