7 Benefits of Craigcat Catamaran Boats

CraigCat Catamaran boats offer the fun, stability, comfort, ease of handling and amenities that you will not find on any other watercraft in the world.

1. Less fatigue
CraigCat power catamarans offer the only built in suspension system in the marine industry. In choppy conditions the hulls move independent of each other giving the driver an passenger a much smoother ride than your typical small boat.

2. Stability
The CraigCat is unsinkable and extremely stable. Two 200 lb persons can stand on one side with very little list. The unbelievable stability also give the CraigCat a very comfortable safe dry ride that is extremely fun to drive.

3. Cruise in shallow water
CraigCats literally float on top of the water with a draft of only 14 inches with the engine down and 3 inches with the engine up the CraigCat can go just about anywhere! Great for flats fishing, cruising around islands, and exploring your favorite places. Try that with any other compact power boat…

4. The opportunity to swim
Because of the stability and lack of free board to scale over, the CraigCat is very easy to get on and get off of. This freedom allows you to go swimming, snorkeling and diving very easy.

6. Uninhibited View
The CraigCat gives you an uninhibited view of everything around you. The experience actually immerses you in your environment like no other power boat in the world.

7. Better handling
In conventional boats, you begin to worry when the conditions get harsh, their instability and the fact that a regular old bath-tub style boat can take on water can get scary even in regular conditions you have to be careful. In the world of CraigCat catamarans, our boats are unsinkable,  cannot take on water and perform very well in rough conditions. Craigcat Catamaran Boats can handle these extreme conditions far better than the monohull.

We Can Answer Your Questions

If you have any question about our CraigCat catamaran boats please visit our headquarters in Orlando, or call us at (407) 290-8778.

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