Being a petite lady, who wears skirts, heels, and designer clothes, I had some worries about how my outfit would fare while test driving an E2-Elite CraigCat small power boat in Orlando, FL. My overall thoughts on driving this boat is that it was a really cool personal experience. I could not believe how smooth the ride was (truly)! I was expecting sharp turns because it was such a small power boat, but it was not like that at all. The CraigCat boats have hydraulic systems to keep the boat even and balanced, and kept my fear of falling off during a quick turn to a minimum.

The E2-Elite CraigCat Small Power Boat is really easy to drive, with one lever on the left, and one on the right. One lever was used to move forward and back, and the other was used to adjust the speed accordingly which makes it easy for anyone to drive.


In addition to the easy steering, I could not believe how easy it was to be in the water within a couple of minutes. Usually, the struggle of getting the truck to transport the boat, lower it into the water and then get everything started takes a bit. With a CraigCat boat, it is lightweight, easy to transport (you do not need to have a huge pick up truck), put it in the water on my own, and just like that you are ready to go. The E2-Elite does have some power to it, not speed boat velocity, but it wasn’t slow by any means. I had been skeptical before, but now I know this thing really runs!


The E2-Elite CraigCat Boat Perks


This boat has LED lighting, which is super bright, helpful during rainy weather conditions , and driving at night. An awesome radio system, which includes serious radio, was a pleasant addition as i personally enjoy listening to my favorite music, but not taking my phone out very much while i am maneuvering a boat. The ability to use SIRI is quite useful to let one know what the weather is like that day, the best places to go fishing, and allows you to make phone calls, which means you do not need to keep your phone handy since the radio system can do it for you.


There are storage bins located behind the seats which allow for personal items to be kept safe and dry. For example, if you bring a small purse, your phone, and a  towel, it can all be kept right near you on the boat.


Another great thing I appreciated was the splash guard. I did not get wet at all, and there were little to no water drops on my stilettos. I could not believe how dry I was my entire ride (even at a high velocity and testing out the turns).


One more thing that i appreciated was the fact that it was not a loud boat and very comfortable to maneuver due to this. There was no need to drown out the noises because it was calming and enjoyable to listen to.


I Highly recommend the E2-Elite CraigCat Small Power Boat to anyone!

This experience was so much fun, a relaxing day out on the water and a nice smooth ride i felt 100% safe in. I would tell anyone and everyone I know to go try the CraigCat tours in Orlando, FL with the family or on their own because the boats should definitely be at the top of your list when searching for a boat.


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