CraigCat Customer Reviews

Technologically inspired designs and built tough to exacting specifications, the CraigCat® is constructed for a lifetime of fun! Along with the fun comes satisfaction of owning one of the most distinct boats on the water. If you don’t believe us — read what the experts and our customers have to say. Read these CraigCat Customer Reviews that our customers have sent us!

What Our Customers Say About the CraigCat

“Good Morning Erik and Evana,

Just wanted to let you know the boat arrived late yesterday afternoon, we had a couple of mix-ups and I was called out of town but my wife was there to handle things. I got a text message from her stating that “there is unusual amount excessive traffic going by our house tonight, some walking, in their golf carts and cars also driving by very slowly” so I replied “Is the boat there?” wife:”yes…LOL…traffic is nuts and funny…you’re​ going to love this when you see it.”

I got home around 10:00 pm and there it was in the driveway​! Absolutely gorgeous, love it! Can’t wait to get it in the water!!

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,” Randy K.


“Just want you to know how much I am enjoying my new CraigCat boat in the great big Lake Martin in Dadeville, AL. It is amazing the attention this boat gets! I mean some of these people have very expensive boats and they drive by with a ‘thumbs up’! Not to mention when I use the pet seat and bring my black Lab or Dachshund for a ride…people go nuts! I constantly get asked about my boat especially from people who say they don’t always want to take the big boat out and the CraigCat is just the perfect size for cruising. I always direct them to your website. Thanks!”

Deanna G.

Marietta, GA

“I have owned a CraigCat with a 25hp Yamaha 4-stroke since 2003. We have thoroughly enjoyed the boat and have had loads of fun with it. I had thought about buying a newer model with upgraded features for some time, but I didn’t think a newer model could get much better and it wouldn’t be worth the additional cost.

Finally after some convincing information from Erik, we decided to take the plunge and bought a new E2 Elite with a 30hp Evinrude E-TEC 2-stroke. All I can say is WOW, what took us so long! The new CraigCat rides so much better and the extra horsepower lets us cruise a increased speeds we really like. The E-TEC is smoother, quieter and much better response. The upgraded features like stereo, more comfortable seats, tilt motor, even cup holders, etc make the boat more enjoyable than I imagined. Thanks Erik for convincing us that a new model with the Evinrude E-TEC motor would be such an improvement in comfort, performance and all around enjoyment.” Dave D.


“I got interested in your boat after seeing a TV commercial but when I went to look for a dealer I found that there were none even close to northwest Ohio, where I live. I then called you and soon after received a call from Ramona Amormino from Canada. I asked her about test-driving one of these boats and she invited me to Windsor to try a CraigCat®. She gave excellent directions to her place and called her husband to show me all the features of this boat. We then went to a lake to try the boat. The whole thing took several hours of their time and after I left I had a good idea of what this boat could do. I later ordered a boat and they met me halfway from Canada to make the final transaction. The reason I am telling you this is to inform you of how courteous and service-oriented CraigCat® Canada is. They went above what I expected and throughout the sale answered all my questions. I had some problems registering the boat in Ohio but with Ramona’s help was able to complete this. I would recommend CraigCat® Canada to anyone in this area that would ever be interested in buying one of these boats. Oh, yes we also love the boat.”

Frank B.


“I would like again to thank you and your family for the warm reception and briefing. It is great to deal with somebody that is interested in making sure you understand the product you are buying. Thanks again.

Could not get out of one rest stop for people wanting to know about the boat. They just kept coming. I passed out literature and cards to those that seemed sincere. Could not keep up with their names but no sweat about that…” Leroy

Covington, GA

“I purchased a CraigCat when I was in Puerto Rico in 1998, and was as happy as a flea in a hippie commune with the performance of that little boat! So happy, in fact, that I bought 8 more for sale and rental…” Steve

Kurtistown, Hawaii

“We absolutely LOVE the CAT. It is the perfect application for St. Joe Bay. We are able to raise the kicker and push it out on low tide. It will go with a couple of inches of water. Our SEADOO’s can’t do that, nor can you use them when the floating grass is thick, like it is from July to January. What a unique and functional boat!” Dan

Port St. Joe, Florida

“I recently purchased a CraigCat® model E2. I must say, this is one of the most versatile and surprising craft that I have ever owned. I had sold my last three craft because of the limited mobility of my wife. She was unable to get into the boats. After going to Orlando for a test ride, we found that she was able to board this craft with ease. The simple design as well as the sheer comfort of the craft was unbelievable. We dearly loved this craft and decided to purchase. I really must commend both the thought put into the development of this fun craft as well as the service that you and your staff put forth to us. You have definitely put the ‘Fun Back In Boating’ for us. We can not thank you enough. My wife has already planned several excursions for us. Great going.”

An e-mail sent at a later date: “This has been the best and most versatile craft my wife and I have ever had the pleasure of owning and showing. It is quite a crowd pleaser. This is not a craft for introverts as you are asked too many questions from onlookers. Thank you again.” David & Teri

Tampa, Florida

“Just wanted to let you know that the CraigCat® is everything that she lives up to … We are so delighted with the craftsmanship … We have taken her out several times, and have gotten a good response. She handles great!” Bob and Pam

Allison Park, Pennsylvania

“On Sunday September 2nd we launched the boat at Rio Vista in the Sacramento River Delta. The conditions were winds about fifteen to twenty miles an hour out of the West. This wind will cause chop on the river to run around two feet on the outgoing tide. I was very impressed with the way the boat handled the rough water. I ran the boat for around three hours covering around forty miles of the river.

On Labor Day my wife and I took the boat north of Sacramento, again to run in the Sacramento River. The conditions were just perfect, no chop and flat water. The boat again surprised us with its performance. It stayed flat and stable even while crossing the wakes of passing boats. My wife and I found the boat to be very comfortable and safe. The boat is a real ‘HOOT.’

I found the 25 horsepower motor to be just amazing. The motor starts almost always on the first try. The fuel consumption is great. Covering 40 miles on Sunday in rough conditions, the motor consumed just over two gallons of fuel. Labor Day the boat run was around 45 miles consuming again around the same amount of fuel.

To say the least we are impressed with Craig Catamaran and so are the people who come in contact with the boat. If you would send me some business cards to me in California. I will pass them out to people who ask me about the boat. This may be of benefit to you since almost everyone has seen the boat has talked to me about the boat. The group who seems to ask the most questions are the owners of personal water craft and the owners of large boats over 30’ in length.” Michael and Patricia

Sacramento, California

“Good morning to the Craigs,

I am 6’4″, 258 lbs and soon to be 59 years old. I bought your CraigCat without a sea trial or even seeing it up close. Upon delivery, it sat on my property for two weeks with thoughts of what the hell was I thinking. I am too big and too old to be on this contraption! I finally put it in the water this past weekend and I cannot tell you how much pleasure your CraigCat gave me! (and my wife!) My wife was born in the mountains of North Carolina and still has fears of the water. This thing just petrified her. Not now!

Thank you for your CraigCat!” Allen

Thunderbolt, GA

“FYI: I put 52 hours on the cat so far this year and plan on doing more!! The only trouble I have is when you stop on a island or sand bar it sure is a conversation piece it’s tough to get some private time with the Mrs.’s, heheheh. But I love it and thanks for the support!!” Shawn C.

Manchester, NH

“This is just a short letter to say thanks. The ease in ordering my boat, the delivery by ‘Roy’ and the first time I took it out simply topped off an enjoyable endeavor. I get a lot of stares and ‘conversation’ that makes me glad I watched your DVD’s and followed your narration to the letter, so then I can talk like a pro about CraigCat®.

I have contacted a marina to perform any regular maintenance to be done. It seems he can’t wait to start, seeing how he is a certified Mercury mechanic and has never seen a CraigCat®. Instead of trying to explain my CraigCat® to anyone, I just pass your website around. Whenever a CraigCat dealer should open in Oklahoma, man, it should be a hit!

I’m not privileged to have a lot of nice days at present here, but I expect to be a weekly fixture on our lake in the spring and summer. I’ll gander at your website from time to time looking for any special deals I might be interested in. Well, again, I have said enough!” Lee H.

Celina. TX

“Just wanted you guys at CraigCat® to know you build one of the best boats that I have ever used. I live in Michigan bought the boat in 2003 and have had nothing but fun with it. We take it down rivers and on big lakes and the boat has not had an easy life — it’s on the go a lot (1800 hours). I’m a 60-year-old and what I like is that it is easy to get on and off and cheap on fuel. I also run a trolling motor on it and because the way it sits on the water my battery lasts along time. This is the best boat that I have ever bought. Thanks people — keep up the good work!” Bill D.


“It was a great pleasure meeting you, and thank you for the kind attention to my purchase of the CraigCat® Fishing Model. I have not had one problem with this boat, and can’t wait to put it on the flats this summer for speckled trout, and red fish tournaments. Robert, as we spoke in your office you were telling me how this boat, ‘Puts The Fun Back In Boating!’ I now understand what you were talking about and this statement PERFECTLY describes your product. After the first time out, I brought it home, rinsed it off, flushed the motor, and within 5 minutes of arriving, it was back in the garage, ready for the next trip. It just can’t get any easier than this, unlike my other boat, (My 17’ Center Console Proline is going up for sale at the end of this month). I have had your boat out about 6 times now, and as you had mentioned, it draws a load of attention each time. People have actually been waiting for me at the ramp when I return to ask me 100’s of questions about the boat, how it handles, were did it come from, etc., etc. The boat itself is amazing. It handles great, and seems to run forever on that one tank of fuel. People have come out of the waterfront restaurants, and local homes along the canals to wave and comment on the craft.

I am an associate member of the local crew called ‘Pirates Of Lost Treasure’ and we put on a Mardi Gras Flotilla to raise money for various charity events. I had lived in New Orleans for 8 ½ years, and had assisted in building M/G Floats so I knew what the crowds would like, so I decorated the CraigCat® and launched with 12 other various decorated boats in our crew as we rode up and down the canal throwing beads, and being cheered by the thousands of spectators. The CraigCat™ was a crowd favorite, and the spectators were floored at the way this vessel handled, along with its simplicity, and speed. Thank you again for providing such a GREAT product. It was a pleasure visiting your shop and actually meeting the both of you. Keep up the great work.” Tom B.

“Stew and I would like to thank you all for all the joy that you have brought to us by creating the CraigCat®. We love it. We have been on it so much in the last 2 weeks that we haven’t taken out our big boat. I have had some back problems and the CraigCat® doesn’t bother me even in Lake Simcoe’s choppy water.

…People compliment it all the time and remark how unique it is. We spend whole afternoons giving people rides in the marina. Even the dogs can’t wait to get on it.

…Again, thank you. We have seen parts of the lake we weren’t able to get to before. And we can’t wait to take it up to Georgian Bay next year. It is one of the largest, most beautiful lakes in Southern Ontario.” Stew and Bev

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

“I recently took the CraigCat® into the ocean off the New Jersey shore for the first time. It handled beautifully. My friend was a little nervous until we came upon a school of dolphin swimming alongside of us. We could almost reach out and touch them. He told me later that is was an experience of a lifetime. The CraigCat® was professional the whole ride. Everyone on the beach was watching us. It’s the talk of the Jersey shore right now.” Joe M

New Jersey

“Last Saturday we had the CraigCat® out to play lifeguard for the annual YMCA Lake Michigan swim. The Cat performed beautifully. The looks that we got from the other boaters was something else. Lots of thumbs up from people. Two weeks ago I took the CraigCat out on Lake Michigan to do some steelhead fishing. It started out as a calm day and I caught two steelhead. A few hours later the wind started blowing and the sky was getting dark. I was amazed. I was running into 5’ waves and sometimes larger but the CraigCat® kept tracking true and clean. It took me a little over three hours to get back and the looks on people’s faces along the breakwater was something to see. I would take the boat out again in seas like that because I had no problem at all. It was fun, lots of fun.”

Adam G


“We have been pleased by the acceptance in our area for the CraigCat®. All the kids in our area really love this ‘Little Cat.’ We have been out on Lake St. Clair in all types of water conditions (mostly rough) and the CraigCat® has done very well. It is very stable, has a smooth ride for its size, it’s economical to run and is a great alternative to ‘personal watercraft.’ Most of all, it’s fun to ride and you feel secure too.”

Dave L


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