When you are looking to invest in a boat, there is no better time to purchase a boat than now! Craigcat is having a Labor Day boat sale! It can feel so discouraging when you are looking for a boat and cannot find one in your price range. Imagine that you find the perfect boat for your needs and you love it, but the dealer is not willing to go down on the price and you can’t afford it. This may be very disappointing to you and your family, but if you are ready to buy now, you can purchase a boat during our Labor Day Sale in Orlando! There are many different boats to consider including small boats for sale. It all depends on what you are looking for and what you need the boat for. Do not allow other dealers to swindle you into the purchase of a boat when you can buy one on sale at CraigCat!

Our Labor Day Sale

It is important to us that we allow our customers to be able to purchase a boat without having to pay an arm and a leg. Whether you are a loyal customer or a new boater, we want to offer you a deal on your next boat! You can save a lot of money this Labor day but hurry in because this sale only lasts until August 31st! You can save up to $1,454 and along with our amazing prices, you are provided with a free trailer plus a free 7 year extended engine warranty! There is also a 10 year total engine coverage plan! The boats that we have for sale include the 2018 E2 Elite 30HP (White and Blue) for only $12,949. We also have our 2018 E2 Elite 30HP Key West Edition for the low price of $13,348 or you can choose our 2018 E2 Elite 30HP Tahitian for only $13,348. All boats come with a free EZ loader trailer with discounts of over $1,000! When you are considering small boats for sale, you must check out our boat sale at CraigCat.

Purchase Your Boat On Sale!

Everyone likes sales and they don’t always come around often! You need to take advantage of our Labor Day Sale because you never know when the next sale will come around. All of our consumers matter to us and we always want them to feel satisfied when they are shopping with us. Your investment is noticed and appreciated, and having this sale is just one way we can show our dedication to you, our customers!

Contact Us

If you are into the boating lifestyle and are seeking a boat sale, you must come to CraigCat today! Why buy a boat for full price when you can come into our Orlando boat shop and purchase one on sale! If you are looking for small boats for sale, you need to call us today at 877-999-4228 or visit our website! Craigcat.com. We look forward to helping you pick out the perfect boat during our sale!

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