Compact Power Boat Tours


Since 1990 CraigCat® has been producing the world’s finest compact powerboats. Let the experts of CraigCat Compact Power Boat Tours guide you on an adventure and discover the historical lakes of Winter Park, Florida and in other select parts of the world. Cruise on the comfortable, stable and fun CraigCat! Take a one of a kind trip into the past. Our compact power boats are safe and fun for all ages!

While we have many experienced boatmen who know our quality and service, and have purchased from us in remote locations around the world, if you live in or nearby Florida, you have the unique ability to come into our showroom and test drive the boat model you have been dreaming about.


Benefits of test driving our CraigCat models include:


  • Ability to feel how quickly the increase in speed will be


  • You can better gauge the features of the boat and decide if you need an add-on or not


  • Scale: once you are in one of our CraigCat models you can experience the size of our compact boats and see if ti is a good fit with the lifestyle you have


  • Power: Feel for yourself the level of power for the size that our boats deliver. Many boaters are skeptical of the strength our mini boats offer, and time after time, once you take on the waters in a CraigCat, the boat has been found to be just as comparable as a speedboat.


If you are on the fence about which model to choose, not to worry. We will take the time to discuss your lifestyle, needs, and budget. There is a Craigcat for everyone! Contact us today to get started or to obtain directions for our Orlando Showroom.


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