Looking at the Commercial Side of CraigCat


Increasing your bottom line and providing unbelievable customer experience is always on the minds
of every business owner. Since 1990 CraigCat® has had both business owner and the customer in
mind. Not only do we build a boat that is appealing to all ages, and men and women alike, but we
build an extremely stable, unsinkable, comfortable, easy to use watercraft with side-by-side seating
that defies the world of regular boats and jet skis.

Low insurance rates that will impress you! The CraigCat is registered as an open motor boat or runabout and is not considered a PWC.

CraigCat® not only provides all of this, but does it with extremely low maintenance and only using
about a gallon of fuel per hour. CraigCats follow regular boat rules, which means you are not
restricted to day ti me use or restricted areas. How about a sunset cruise or bio-luminescent tour?
Outfitted with custom deluxe bucket seats, bimini top, storage compartment, beverage holders,
cooler, NAV, docking and deck lights, the possibilities are endless!
Our watercraft is already taking over – from Dubai to Barcelona, Florida to Costa Rica –
tours and rentals all over the world have discovered the CraigCat® difference!
When was the last time you heard, “The highlight of our trip! You have to do
this tour!” – John from New Jersey


Download these flyers for more information!

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