In the Orlando, Florida area you will find a large number of CraigCat power boats cruising around the water. These beautiful boats provide an excellent source of fun fishing or just engaging in watersports. Committed to producing boats that will provide a safe way to have fun, this company also provides excellent CraigCat apparel for people who love the water.

On their site, you will find a list of apparel that is well made, comfortable and washable. This apparel fits in very well with the budget of someone who likes to enjoy fun on the water. All CraigCat apparel features the company’s logo.

Featured CraigCat Apparel:


  • Cotton polo shirt w/embroidery (white, navy) – $26.00


  • Nylon wind-breaker w/embroidery (navy, blue or beige) – $35.00


  • Cotton T-shirt (white) – $15.00


  • Women’s sleeveless cotton polo w/embroidery (white) – $21.95


  • Low profile all fabric cap (navy blue) – $16.95


  • Visor with embroidery (white) – $16.95


  • Key float – $4.99


*Prices do not include shipping and handling.


CraigCat apparel is specifically intended to meet all the requirements for enjoying a day on the water. These items were designed after careful study of the type of clothing that would not only be comfortable, but would stand up under wind, sun and water conditions. Designed to be long lasting, all that is required is a simple wash and rinse to retain the garment’s original appearance.


This clothing is available online at where more information regarding these items are available. All that is required is to make a selection, list your size and  give a method of payment. Your order will immediately be shipped. Of course, satisfaction is guaranteed. Further information is also available at 1-877-599CAT.


Comfort is the name of the game when enjoying a day on a small boat. When skimming across the water, it is possible to dress according to the weather. For example, on a warm, sunny day you might be most comfortable in the cotton T-shirt or the sleeveless cotton polo. On a cooler, windy day, the wind-breaker would be more appropriate. The low profile all fabric cap, or a visor, is suitable for use in any type of weather not only shading your eyes, but keeping hair out of your face.


With the small power boats the company offers, you can move quickly across the water or stay stationary. This makes it possible to explore various waterways or enjoy the pleasure of fishing. Each boat, like the clothing, is designed to offer the very best in creature comfort.


Good boating clothing is essential if one is to be comfortable and enjoy protection from the weather. Whether spending several hours in one location or skimming across the water, you can be assured that this versatile clothing will handle all outdoor activities.

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Whether you are flying across the water on one of the company’s Catamaran, Electric Catamaran, Catch-It, Tahitian or E2 Elite small power boats, you will find wearing the right apparel enhances the experience. For more information go online to view what is offered or contact the company.

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