Catamaran boats are the best choice when it comes to experiencing a smooth and relaxing ride out on the water. Multi-hulled vessels reduce the impact of choppy waves and water to give you the best ride out on the lake, ocean or river, but how can you make that ride even better? CraigCat is here to help.

CraigCat Accessories Make Boating Better

At CraigCat, we offer a surplus of accessories you can add to your boat to make the most of your hours, days, or weeks out on the water. To aid you in riding in the lap of luxury, we can help outfit your boat with deluxe seats to make your ride as comfortable as possible. With top quality marine vinyl, you won’t even have to worry about wear and tear appearing from daily use like with other boat seating.

To help protect your boat even further, we also offer various types of boat covers for catamaran boats. All of our covers will fit over your entire boat for complete protection, but we also offer covers meant for use during towing and transportation to and from the marina so you can have your boat protected at all times.

Our range of accessories expands to a line of add-ons to help make your day fishing a little easier, too. From a simple fishing rod holder to a set of accessories that includes wing storage racks for all of your bait and hooks, an elevated fishing seat to help reeling in the catch of the day more likely, and an electric trolling motor mount to help pull in even the heaviest catch, we have everything you could possibly need to outfit your catamaran boat for ultimate fishing success. For longer hours on the water, an anchor package is also available to ensure you stay in your perfect fishing spot for as long as you’d like. With 25 feet of anchor line, you can hold your place on most lakes and rivers without worry.

Learn About our Splash Guards!

Who wants to take a boat ride if you’re just going to get splashed with water the entire trip? If you wanted to get wet, most people would just go for a swim. This is why one of the most popular accessories our boat enthusiasts like to add to their catamaran boats is our Splash-Off splash guard, which is designed to help keep you dry even on the choppiest and windiest days. Made with a nearly indestructible polycarbonate material, you can rest assured that your boat day will be a dry one. These splash guards come standard on certain models. For added protection against turbulent spray, we also offer Splash-Off risers that protect even higher. Plus, with marine grade aluminum brackets and stainless steel hardware, you don’t have to worry about rust or water damage ruining your investment.

Buy your Splash Guard Today

Whether you’re looking for accessories to simply make your ride on a catamaran boat more comfortable and luxurious or you want to outfit it for a day out fishing, we have everything for you. We offer only the highest quality accessories for our high-quality boats and know you’ll be just as satisfied as you could hope to be. Contact us today at 407-290-8778 or visit our website!

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