CraigCat in Orlando, FL offers premium compact power boats. Side-by side seating and dual-action controls provide a one-of-a-kind experience out on the water. Our catamaran boats are perfect for family fun days and getting up close and personal with nature. If you are looking for boats for sale near me, CraigCat is a great place to start!

Catamaran Boats Options

There are two types: the classic and electric. These boats are safer, and a more enjoyable option than purchasing jet skis, plus it is something your whole family can enjoy together. You can find boat sales near me at CraigCat.

The Classic Catamaran: This is the perfect model for entry level boating. It offers exhilarating performance for the right price. The classic is lightweight, has great response time and is so much fun to drive! The pricing ranges from $9,499-11-158 depending on how much horse power and the edition you choose. The features and specifications are up to you and how you would like you boat to look.

Electric Catamaran: This battery-powered boat is very quiet and super easy to operate thanks to the point-and-go steering. The CraigCat Electric Catamaran will allow you to get up close and personal with nature like you never have before. You can run it for hours on the water with just one single charge! Going green has never seemed so easy. Our pricing is set depending on how many seats you are looking for:
2-seater – $4,499
4-seater- $4,599
2-seater with solar charge – $5,174
Maxx – $10,999

CraigCat Boat Sales near me

Catamaran Boats are great for family fun days on the water–or even a date night. It is up to you! However, they are a lot of fun and easy to drive once you get the hang of it. These boats glide across the water like no other boat. They are the perfect boat for fishing, day cruising, relaxing or driving, and these boats are easy to operate and low-budget! They are quick, roomy, and well-built to deliver a blend of sport boat performance and comfort of a runaround boat that appeals to everyone. You don’t buy a CraigCat Boat to blend in, you buy one to have fun!

Get out there and give us a try. We have a lot to offer and our boats are fun and exciting to drive. We can guarantee you will want to take one home the second you get out on the water. They move across the water like no other boat, and help create memories that will last a lifetime. Weather you have been boating for awhile or this will be your first time, CraigCat is the right place to start. Catamaran Boats won’t go out of style and it will forever be your favorite toy! Do not blend in with the crowd, make your boat your own, give it a paint job and cruise around in style.

Contact Us

If you are ready to test drive or to find boat sales near me, contact CraigCat in Orlando, FL for information about their catamaran boats. Call us at 407-290-8778 or stop by the store today to check out what we have.

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