If you are looking for boats for sale in Texas, look no further than CraigCat. We offer a wide stock of stunning and dependable mini boats so that you can get the best boat for your money. Our boats are distinct from any other mini boat and we commit ourselves to quality so that you can get the best possible product. If you would like to learn more about our boats, contact us at CraigCat today.


Why Our Electric Mini Boats are Unique


Our electric mini boats are more than just another boat. Unlike other mini boats, our boats give you a variety of benefits. Typically, with other boats, you will have to choose between the size of the boat itself or the functionality of the boat. That is where the CraigCat mini boat comes in. Our boats are just as powerful as larger boats. This, however, is not the extent of the benefits that you get when you select CraigCat boats.


  •       Weight Under 850 Pounds Including Trailer: You no longer have to worry about hauling your boat and making sure that you have a way to transport it. With our boats, you get a boat that is capable being moved easily.
  •       Tough, Maintenance Free, UV Stabilized, Seamless Polyethylene, Foam Filled, Unsinkable, Rotomolded Hulls: The last thing that you want to worry about is that your boat is easy to sink. Thankfully, our boats are built to last with the highest quality material.
  •       Convertible Bimini Top: You may not always want to be protected from the sun and the weather, so our Bimini tops are convertible for your convenience.
  •       Minnkota Electric Outboard Fresh/Saltwater Rated: This motor is tough and built for innovation and durability. With this outboard motor, you can ensure your boat will last you for many years to come.
  •       Deep Cycle Group 24 Battery: Our boat battery ensures the life of your boat and will make sure that it continues to provide you with adventures for many years to come.  
  •       Solar Option: If you want to be environmentally conscious or simply take advantage of that bright sunshine, we offer solar charging options.
  •       Custom Deluxe Bucket Seats: For ultimate comfort when out on the water, we have the best bucket seats to ensure every trip out on your boat is an enjoyable one.

Are You Looking for Boats for Sale in Texas?


If you are looking for boats for sale in Texas, CraigCat can be your resource. We are a business near Texas that offers the highest quality mini boats so that you can find the boat that is right for you.


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CraigCat is a business located near Texas that is based out of Orlando that offers the best mini boats available. We know what it takes to make a quality mini boat and we offer only the best options. If you would like to learn more about the boats that we offer or you have more questions about how you can purchase one, contact us at CraigCat.

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