Now that summers have arrived, there’s nothing better than to take a boat and spend a lazy afternoon on the water. CraigCat, a leading compact boats company suggests some important boating safety tips to keep you safe during your excursions. As more and more people are gearing up for an adventure on the water, taking safety precautions are necessary to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Contact us at CraigCat to learn more.


Boating Safety Tips For A Safe Adventure


Boating trips are common in summers because people are looking for some time to relax in tranquil waters. Put in some time to go fishing, swimming, and water skiing too. Without safety, even the most well-planned short boating trips can turn into a nightmare instantly. If you run into unpleasant weather conditions or if there’s an accident. You can keep your boating trip from taking the wrong turn by maintaining health and safety tips discussed below:


Never Mix Boating with Drinking


People usually think twice about drinking while driving, but when it comes to boating, they are not afraid to pop open a beer after taking the wheel of a boat. What people don’t realize is that being drunk on a boat is equally dangerous as drunk driving.


Those who drink while steering the boat should be mindful of the serious consequences. Its always better to be safe and not allow the person who has to operate the boat to get a beer or any alcoholic drinks.


Keep Life Jackets and Fire Extinguisher


Whether you have a large boat or a compact boat, keeping life jackets and fire extinguishers will keep everyone on board safe during accidents. In the absence of a fire extinguisher and life jackets, the trip even near the marina might be dangerous. To keep you and your family safe keep life jackets on board for an emergency.


Check your Vessel Checked by a Professional


Before making your leisure boat trip one the most basic safety tip is to get your vessel or compact boat checked by a professional. Get the boat serviced if possible and perform timely repairs if needed prior to your boating cruise.


Enroll in a Boating Course


If you are a newbie, enroll yourself in a boating course to make sure that the trip goes as planned with all the safety measures in check. The course will allow you to understand the operations and safety rules of the different types of vessels. Taking a beginners course in boating will help you in understanding emergencies and learn how to deal with them before help gets to you.


Come Up With a Float Plan


Before heading on for a trip, inform friends, family, and the staff at your local marina about the coordinates and where you might be headed. Sharing your float plan will help keep you safe as others will be aware of your whereabouts and your itinerary for the trip. The float plan must include:


  • Boat type, name, and registration number


  • Your name, phone number and the names of all passengers


  • Trip itinerary


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By following the boating safety tips discussed above, your journey will be much safer! CraigCat is a major supplier of compact powerboats; we have a wide range of boats that will be perfect for short speedy trips. For further information on boats and boat safety, feel free to reach us anytime!


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