Useppa Island is the home for casual sporting activities, whether you are boating or playing tennis. If you are looking for boats for sale near Texas, take a look at our listings at CraigCat. We have a selection of mini boats that would be perfect for an outing to Useppa Island. Want to know what else you can experience on this island? Here is our list of activities to enjoy while you are riding around Useppa Island!



Fishermen have found some of the ocean’s finest tarpon, snook, and redfish anglings in these island waters. Useppa is a premier location for fishing, particularly in adjacent waters. These waters are easily accessible by boat, and the local marina can even guide you to offshore fishing locations in the Gulf of Mexico if you are interested in snagging some grouper, kingfish or snapper!




CraigCat’s mini boats would make for the perfect luxury sporting activity on this island. Our boats are unique with convertible Bimini Tops, deluxe bucket seats, and solar options. Useppa has plenty of sights to see while you are out on your boat route, including unique wildlife sightings!




Kayaking is another adventure you can partake in if you are looking for a little more activity. This beautiful island is surrounded by blue waters, abundant in marine wildlife for you to set your sights on. Kayaking makes for a peaceful getaway that gets you up close and personal with Useppa’s coastal environment.




For onshore activities, Useppa Island is known for its croquet games that have been a major attribute for generations. You can find state-of-the-art croquet courts to indulge in. Whether you want to play recreationally or competitively, this game is prevalent around the island.




Tennis is another sport that is popular around these parts. If you are looking for a sleek tennis court, Useppa offers a variety of locations for you to enjoy after your day of boating.


Island Parks


Cayo Costa State Park is a boat ride away from Useppa Island. Take one of CraigCat’s luxury boats to the park to explore this hidden oasis. With almost 2,500 acres of shoreline to explore, Cayo Costa is a staple in the Florida community. The beauty on this park’s nature trails is also surely something you won’t forget.

Paddle Boards


Paddle boards are another way to get out on the water if you are looking to experience the entirety of the secluded island. Stand-up paddle boards are available to rent around Useppa Island so that you can incorporate a little fitness into your marina travel adventures.


If you are looking at boats for sale near Texas, and you need a spot to take your new mini boat to, Useppa Island is a prime location for boaters. They host a vast majority of activities, not to mention, their fresh seafood restaurants are something of a rarity! Come and experience the sites of Useppa. Call CraigCat to get a list of our special features that our mini boats have to offer!

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