CraigCat Boats are very popular here in Orlando, Florida and are now taking tours all over! These small power boats are great for cruising around with the family or stopping to fish for a few hours. The best part is they are affordable and available in many different styles. At CraigCat our boats are well built and ready to use. Visit our store today to find out more about a boat tour. Show off your style instead of blending in with the crowd; take a risk and take a ride on a CraigCat Boat today!

Boat Tours All Over

Our boats have been making their way around the world! People purchase a CraigCat and make their own adventures with them all over Florida with friends and family. Our small power boats glide across the water, making it enjoyable for the driver and passengers. Most people interested in a boat tour adventure out for a few hours at a time and will return to the water soon after because of a positive experience. You will not be sorry; get on a CraigCat boat as soon as you can. It is a good time! CraigCat catamarans are two person cruisers that are lots of fun. These small power boats are perfect for any age and can be operated by anyone over the age of 18 years old. You can do just about anything with a CraigCat and they won’t sink or tip over as they are very safe and comfortable to ride. CraigCat boat tours are becoming more and more popular, but who can blame them with how much fun they look and how happy everyone looks while riding on a CraigCat!


Driving of CraigCat Boat Tour

Once driving around for a few miles, you get used to the controls. The instructor can tell the driver is comfortable when he jokes around and instructs them to give it their all and cruise around in the open waters for a while. An experience like this does not come around often, so getting to drive a small power boats on a boat tour is something to take advantage of when you get the chance. It is a feeling of freedom and a way to explore somewhere you have never been before. Let the boat guide the way and enjoy the ride! There’s no reason to always be the passenger, hop in the driver’s seat and take a ride on the wild side. Driving a CraigCat small power boat is an adventure within itself that you will never forget!


Contact Us

If you or someone you know is interested in small power boats, boat tour reach out to CraigCat in Orlando, FL. Come into our showroom or give us a call at 407-290-8778 today! You will not regret this experience if you just let yourself enjoy the wind in your hair and sea breeze on your face. Come out today and start an adventure that could last a lifetime all over Florida!


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