If you own a boat or are interested in purchasing one, odds are you love the marine life. Buying a boat is a huge investment and if you only want to use it to go out on the water every once in awhile, chances are you will hop on a boat with your friends, as opposed to purchasing your own. If you are looking to buy a boat, you are probably more serious about the boating lifestyle. When you are looking for small fishing boats, you have to visit CraigCat. We offer reliable boat anchors for sale that you are sure to love.

What Is Our Anchor Package?

Fishing can be so much fun and also very relaxing. Some people fish on a regular basis whereas others only fish if they’re invited by a friend. Either way, you must purchase our anchor package! For only $45 you can have all of the fishing tools you need. Our anchor package even includes a mesh carry bag to hold all of your supplies. What’s in the bag? For small fishing boats we have a folding galvanized grapnel anchor, 25 feet of anchor line, an anchor line float, and a stainless steel bow eye clip. Instead of coming into the shop and trying to fill your own bag with all of the right supplies, we have done it for you! There’s no need to spend time looking for exactly what you need because it is all in our anchor package. CraigCat wanted to make things simple for you when looking for boat anchors for sale by combining everything you need into one package!

What Else Do You Need For Fishing?

When you are looking for anchors for sale, come talk to the experts. If you are planning a big fishing day, some of the other supplies you may need include:

  • A good fishing rod- you want something strong because if you catch a big fish, you don’t want it to break the rod or the line. If your rod breaks and you do not have a spare, not only will you lose the fish but that may be the end of your fishing trip until you can purchase a stronger rod. The rod is the foundation so it should be strong and durable.
  • Bait- Make sure you have lots of bait to lure the fish in! If you don’t purchase bait, you may have a harder time trying to catch fish.
  • Appropriate clothes- If you’re out on the water, you need to dress for the water. We suggest you wear clothes that you won’t mind becoming dirty or wear a bathing suit just in case the water slashes up at you.

Contact Us

When you are looking for boat anchors for sale for small fishing boats, you have to come into CraigCat. We have everything you need and we even have it prepackaged for you. If you don’t have time to run around the store to create your own fishing kit, no worries! All of our packages include the essentials. To find out more about our anchor package or for directions to our shop, call us at 407-290-8778 or visit our website! Craigcat.com.

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