Check Out of Super Spring Sales Event

Buying a boat is a big decision. Not only do they require a lot of care and attention they also require a lot of money. Whenever you’re considering a large financial burden, it’s essential to have all the information possible before making any...

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How To Anchor A Small Boat

Are you new to the world of boating? If so, welcome! We are sure you are going to enjoy yourself out there on the water. Before you head out, though, it is very important you get familiar with the basics. Our team at CraigCat want to make sure...

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What To Pack In Your Boat Safety Kit

Any smart fisherman out there knows how important it is to keep a boat safety kit handy whenever out on the water. Even those who own small power boats need to incorporate this kit. Here at CraigCat, we want to ensure you know exactly what...

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Holiday Catamaran Boat Buying Guide

The Holiday season is a time of friends, family, and investing in some good times- it’s also the time to spend your Christmas bonuses, either to treat yourself and your family or simply for some fun! There’s nothing that says fun in the Florida...

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Recreational Boating Tips

Boating is a favorite American recreational activity, with the popularity growing through the years. However, there just a few things to keep in mind when boating recreationally in order to have a safe, exciting time on the water. Even...

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Take Advantage of Our Black Friday Sale!

We have hit the middle of November! Do you know what that means? Is it turkey time? Even better! We are heading towards Black Friday. The best American holiday of the year. Or maybe it is just a madhouse of people waiting in line for hours to get a brand new TV....

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