If you like going on excursions on the water then our boat products are the perfect fit for you. Mini Boats are fun because they allow you to get into small creeks and rivers without causing too much commotion. Larger boats usually require deeper water, making it hard to sail on them if the waterway that you are located close to is small. To make your water adventures more enjoyable, we listened to your requests and now offer beverage holders for mini boats.

Craig Catamaran Corporation values all of its customers. It is important to our business model that our boats be high quality and useful for entertaining. Collected Google customer reviews give Craig Catamaran Corporation high ratings with their reviews.

Keep Drinks Safe With Beverage Holders for Mini Boats

CraigCat Mini Boats allow you and one other person to go on an adventure. Our beverage holders permit you to bring drinks along as well. This can be refreshing if you are going fishing or swimming with friends. Mini Boats are small, which makes them more affordable than a yacht.

The boats are easy to haul on a trailer. This enables the average pickup truck owner to get his fishing trip done quickly and efficiently. There are no stiff fees for parking a larger boat at a lake dock. The boats are easy to store in your backyard or driveway. The boats are equipped with LED lights so that you can use them at night time and still have fun.

Our CraigCat powerboats look like two plastic canoes joined together with a strong engine behind them. This design, based on ancient Polynesian canoes, keeps the boats stable as you are motoring through the water. The engine allows you to quickly cruise around a lagoon or a lake. The boats are ideal for fishing excursions, as long as you are not fishing for a larger fish like halibut. Our powerboats are best for warm and smooth water, but they can be used in many environments.

Our company has an option for adding beverage holders for mini boats to ensure that you stay hydrated. This is important if you are in a location where there is a lot of sunlight like Miami, Florida, or San Diego, California.

What Are They Made Of?

The beverage holders for mini boats are made of stainless steel. This is to ensure that they last a long time so that your family can use this boat accessory for years and years.

Order Beverage Holders Today

If you would like to contact our company to learn more about ordering some of our products, be sure to give us a call at 1-877-999-4228. We are also accessible online via email. Come ready with any questions that you might have. For a very reasonable price, you can have a small luxury boat that gives you and your family a great way to enjoy your vacation on the water.

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