Texas is the United States second largest state and also features some of the best lakes in the country along with mountains and rivers. Many residents and visitors head to these destination hotspots for swimming, fishing, and most importantly boating. The best boating lakes in TX offer great views and refreshing climates to escape the harsh heat of the Texas sun. Before heading to one of the gorgeous boating, lakes make sure you find out if there is a  CraigCat power catamaran for sale because you don’t want to miss the opportunity to take one of those out on the open water!


You Have To See These Views From The Best Boating Lakes in TX

Texas is known for a lot of things, BBQ, rodeos, and cowboys, but a lot of people don’t realize that Texas is home to some of the greatest boating lakes in the country! People usually travel to down south for the ultimate “southern” experience or to visit the Alamo, but tend to overlook some of the most beautiful natural aspects of Texas simply because they aren’t the most famous. Well, we’re here to tell you to find a power catamaran for sale or grab a fishing boat because you don’t want to miss the views from some of these incredibly serene lakes!

  • Lake Texoma: This is one of the largest lakes in the entire US. It is also one of the most developed lakes in Texas. It is surrounded by national parks and cities and is even home to a few small islands that you can visit while boating. Roughly 6 million people visit this lake each year.


  • Lake Travis: This lake sits on the Colorado River in central Texas. It was formed in 1942 during the construction of the Mansfield Dam near Austin. It is extremely popular for recreational activities like boating, scuba diving, and swimming. It’s also home to a variety of fish including bass, catfish, sunfish. There is also an abundance of shoreline where picnicking and camping are permitted.


  • Eagle Mountain Lake: This location is actually a reservoir that was formed by the damming of the Trinity River. It is located just north of Fort Worth. Wakeboarding, water skiing, and kayaking are extremely popular at this spot. Although, it is best known as a boating destination. The world-famous Fort Worth Boat Club calls Eagle Mountain Lake home.  Many fish including, largemouth bass, channel catfish, white bass, and white crappie call this lake home.


  • Lake Granbury: Similarly to Eagle Mountain Lake this long narrow lake is also a reservoir that was created in 1969 during the damming of the Brazos River. People travel to enjoy recreational activities like wakeboarding, boating, water skiing, and fishing. Onshore, visitors can find picnic areas, playgrounds, walking paths, and camping grounds.


  • Lake O’ the Pines: This majestic body of water sits on the Big Cypress Bayou and is surrounded by pine trees. It has become a famous fishing spot due to the numerous fish species that call it home including the spotted bass, largemouth bass, white bass, chain pickerel, and catfish. There are a number of marinas located around the lake for visitors to use as storage and anchoring of their own boat. There are seven parks that are situated on this lake’s shoreline. Each offers facilities like picnic grounds, boat ramps, and playgrounds. One of the parks, The Lakeside Park, even offers a beach area to visitors.


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