Many people enjoy boating as a lifestyle and not just a hobby. People love the feeling of freedom out on the open waters and CraigCat can help you with all of your boating needs. We offer multiple Compact Boats in FL for you to choose from and help when deciding on the perfect boat accessories to add.

Perks Of Compact Boats in FL

When people hear the word compact, they may think of small and cramped spaces but there are plenty of advantages to compact boats. One of the pros of owning a compact boat is being able to get around local restriction due to physical challenges. Having a small boat is very practical for the constant fluctuation in water depth that other boats cannot handle because of their size. They also do not require a diesel engine which is not environmentally safe. Compact boats in FL are more eco-friendly because you do not need anything over 75 horsepower for this size of the boat. These boats can travel on almost any type of waterway, they do not need to be in deep waters like larger boats.

A compact boat is great fofirsttimeme boat buyers. If you are shifting into the boating lifestyle, this is a great type of boat to ease yourself into it. These boats are used for simple transportation on any depth of water and are easy to use.

Adding A Trailer To Your Boat

There are a few things to consider when adding a trailer to your car and boat for transfer. You will need to find out if your vehicle can tow, what the towing rate is, and research what hitches will work with your boat and vehicle. When you are interested in adding a trailer, you will have to think about what you are towing, decide how big the trailer should be, and determine the type of equipment you will need.

Another thing to consider is how adding a compact boat on a trailer to the back of your car will affect the way your car drives. Since compact boats are small, they are easy to transfer. When you are looking for a vehicle to use for adding a trailer to your boat in order to drive it from your home to the water, there are some features you should keep in mind. Determine the towing capacity of the vehicle which will be a part of the information that is presented for a vehicle. Also, look for the curb weight which reflects what the tow will weigh when it is fully fueled but has not cargo or passengers. Trucks and SUV’s  engineered with contemporary standards can be lighter and have better fuel efficiency but are still able to carry a heavier load safely.
If you are purchasing a vehicle specifically for boating, it is worth your while to purchase a tow package. A vehicle with tow packages has stronger suspension and brakes along with a larger radiator and a more powerful transmission. Compact boats are great for safe travels and any body of water so when purchasing a vehicle with a trailer, keep in mind some of the aspects that will benefit your boat and vehicle environmentally.

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