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World's Finest Compact Powerboats


CraigCat Electric

Robert Craig Radio Interview

CraigCat Electric Maxx

E2 Elite Introduction

RV Today, June 2007

CraigCat TV Spot

CraigCat Tours

CraigCat Tours, Lake Dora, FL

Cat Boat Tours, Lake Dora, FL

Navajo Lake Marina, NM

Flamingo Adventures, Costa Rica

CraigCat Tours Barcelona, Spain

CraigCat Home Videos

Videos of CraigCat Owners showcasing their Catamaran Boats in Florida and across the United States.

CraigCat GoPro

CraigCat, Nile River, Egypt

Auckland, New Zealand

Aneclote Key, FL - MUST SEE!

Panama City Beach, Florida

Lake Region Boats, MN

Recess, LLC CraigCat Demo

Chesapeake Bay

Mount Dora, Florida
As you can see by our collection of videos, CraigCat catamaran boats are known and loved worldwide. Because of the commitment to excellence, price point, luxurious options and comfort, CraigCat has become a household name. No matter where you live, our headquarters can help you with the logistics of bringing your boat to you. Our boats can be seen everywhere from California to New Zealand. If you haven’t been to one of our events, make sure to contact us about our upcoming CraigCat events. We attend a multitude of boating events around the area as well, make sure to read our blog to learn more about the various boat parades and places to take your CraigCat in Florida. Thank you for taking the time to share your videos with us enjoying your CraigCat compact boat, we appreciate your support and look forward to creating many more boats to keep you enjoying the outdoors.