Compact Boat maintenance tips

Top Compact Boat Maintenance Tip

All compact boats require maintenance regardless of whether they are small, customized or basic. The CraigCat requires the least amount of maintenance in the world of boating.  Evinrude engines only require scheduled maintenance every 3 years or 300 hours! Besides a little cleaning and a little lubrication on the steering system the CraigCat is very easy to care for.

Wash your boat

The simplest task is to wash your boat on a regular basis. If you boat in salt water, ensure that you rinse it thoroughly with fresh water after every boating outing to get rid of salt residue. Consider using marine boat wash since it is formulated for gel coat. Some boaters also use car wash soap and laundry soap in a pinch.

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sSmall Power Boats in Florida fishing locations in florida

Florida contains more than 30,000 lakes, 663 miles of beaches and more than 11,000 miles of rivers, streams & waterways. Between the warm ocean water, swampy lakes and endless summer, Florida is a great place to cast a line. Boaters and fisherman from all over the world come to Florida to get in on the action. Florida actually calls itself “The Fishing Capital of the World,” and declares the state to be very “Fishing Friendly.” Because of Florida’s vast streams, rivers, waterways, and oceans, people can fish off large charter boats, Small Power Boats in Florida, kayaks and basically any size of seacraft. If you come to Florida to fish, you aren’t limited to one kind of fishing, a specific boat type or a minimal amount of places to go.

Popular Areas For Small Power Boats in Florida

One kind of Florida fishing is Blue Water Fishing, which takes place way offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Keys, and the Atlantic Ocean. With Blue Water Fishing, you can’t simply have a Small Power Boats in Florida. If you’re 100 miles or more out in the ocean you can catch some big fish which means you need a bigger boat.

Another popular place to fish is Indian River Lagoon, which is a 156-mile long body of water separated from the Atlantic Ocean by barrier islands. The Indian River Lagoon is an amazing fishing spot because the body of water contains both salt and freshwater fish. The Lagoon is present along five Florida counties. The most popular areas include Mosquito Lagoon and Banana River.

An additional type of fishing to explore is freshwater fishing. The lower half of the Florida Peninsula is consumed by The Everglades, which is one big freshwater river that starts in Central Florida.

Nearby Fishing Spots

If you’re in Central Florida picking up your Craig Cat, you may want to check out these two excellent fishing spots within a short drive’s distance.

Banana River- If you want to take your Small Power Boats in Florida out for a fishing trip on the Banana River, we suggest taking the 417 to the 528 to Kelly Park. Kelly Park has a mid-size pavilion, five grills, restrooms, drinking fountains, recreation amenities and multiple boat ramps. Banana River has only one outlet to the Atlantic Ocean through Port Canaveral and has a diverse habitat ranging from swamps, drift algae, oyster bars, islands and salt marshes. Some fish you can expect to catch are redfish, sea trout, snook, tarpon, and snapper- just to name a few.

Mosquito Lagoon– As mentioned before, both the Banana River and Mosquito Lagoon are well-known Florida fishing spots that are sublets from the Indian River Lagoon. Mosquito Lagoon is located near New Smyrna Beach and is an acclaimed red drum fishing habitat and also considered the redfish capital of the world. Mosquito Lagoon has plenty of boat ramps but the most convenient are the private ramp at Lopez RV Park and Marina. Launching is $5.

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If you’re in Orlando, FL and picking up your new Craig Cat mini-boat we really hope you take the time to check out some of our state’s best fishing spots. Visit for more info!

mini boats in orlando craigcat

iniRecreational boating is an American pastime and an activity that is fun for all ages. Based upon the National Marine Manufacturers Association, 95% of boats are made in the U.S. vs. 2% of clothes. Those of us who grew up in states with plenty of water, no doubt have cheerful boating memories. From family vacations to high-school parties, boats have played a large part in many of our lives. Recreational mini boats are used for fishing, swimming, water-skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, relaxing and so much more! If you could own a boat, would you? Your answer is probably yes, however you may think you can’t afford it. Affordability is just one of the reasons why CraigCat patented the CraigCat horizontal mini boat.

The amazing compact Mini Boats can be distinguished from other, normal sized boats by 5 main points.

     1) Affordability

The average power boat is far more expensive than our least expensive mini-boat which is $3,549. If you planned on buying a 4-6 person boat for fishing, tubing, etc. you should expect to spend more than $60,000. Boat maintenance and marina fees are not included in the $60! At CraigCat, we offer financing as low as $138 per month. A larger boat will cost much more to purchase, maintain and fuel.

     2) Size

CraigCat mini boats are significantly smaller than other power boats, which makes storing and traveling so much easier. Purchasing a small trailer to carry the boat is a good investment because you can use it for other things such as cleaning, moving, camping, etc.

    3) Navigation

With a mini-boat, you can maneuver around the borders of lakes and glide across the marsh. You can easily pull up to sandbars and hop right out of the boat.


   4) Amount of use

The amount of use a mini-boat gets over a big boat is significantly more. It’s easier and more convenient to take a small boat out for a spin because you can easily load it on your trailer or even in the back of your truck. You will also spend a lot less money on gas with a small boat, making it cheaper to get on the water.

   5) Simplicity

With a large boat, you have to spend more time preparing for a trip on the water. You may be wakeboarding, tubing, water skiing, etc. so it’s important to have plenty of life vests and the proper tools to experience water sports. You will also most likely have more than two passengers, which means you will need to stock up on supplies. The Craig Cat mini boat favors simplicity. It’s meant for YOU and one other guest, if you like. There is plenty of room for a cooler, fishing poles and gas, but not much else.

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The CraigCat mini boat is a new, innovate, and inexpensive way for people to get out on the water. We have over 6 models for you to choose from, all which are virtually unsinkable and extremely easy to navigate! Visit our website for more information

Florida Boat Parades with CraigCat Catamaran Boats

Anyone who lives in Florida knows there is water EVERYWHERE. With year-round temperatures rarely going below 60, Florida is known for its boating activities. If you’re a Floridian and live near the ocean or a large body of water, it’s not uncommon that you may have seen a boat parade.

Parades Where You May See CraigCat Catamaran Boats

A boat parade is similar to any other parade where you post up and watch crafty vehicles and festive spirits celebrate any given holiday. The only difference is the crafty vehicles are vessels. Florida boat parades are a

A boat parade is similar to any other parade where you post up and watch crafty vehicles and festive spirits celebrate any given holiday. The only difference is the crafty vehicles are vessels. Florida boat parades are a long-standing tradition when it comes to the holiday season in the Sunshine State. Did you know the team at CraigCat are often displaying many of its’ CraigCat Catamaran Boats during these parades?

Don’t miss a chance to experience this Florida tradition!

Check out five of the best 2016 Holiday boat parades in Central Florida.

Daytona Beach Christmas Boat Parade- December 10th
This year the beach parade theme is “Light the Way on the Water,” and is working with local charity “Light the Way,” which supports locals in cancer treatment. The parade starts on the north side of the Seabreeze Bridge and ends at the Charterhouse/Daytona Marina & Boat Works.To register your boat or learn more about the parade, click here!

2) Light Up The Lakes- Lake Howard Trail and Heritage Park, Winter Garden- December 3rd
The Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce is excited to revamp this year’s boat parade. Bring lawn chairs or a blanket to secure your spot then enjoy live music, food trucks, vendors and more until the parade starts! Click here to learn more

3) Lighted Boat Parade, Mount Dora- December 3rd
Join the Mount Dora community watch local boat owners compete for best in light show and originality! The parade will be begin at the Lighthouse across from Gilbert Park on Tremain Street and Liberty Street.
Learn more:

4) Regatta of Lights, St. Augustine- December 10th
This boat parade reflects the historical town of Saint Augustine and is arguably the best boat parade in Central Florida. From sail boats to shrimp boats, watch the locals deck out their vessels in holiday decor. You can watch the parade from any number of restaurants around the bay, Harry’s Seafood Grill and Bar and A1A Ale Works to name a few. For more information click here

5) Cocoa Beach Boat Parade, Cocoa Beach- December 10th
Join the Cocoa Beach locals in celebrating the holidays with their annual boat parade. The best places to watch are Sunset Cafe, Wildlife Watersports, Cove Park and the end of Banana River. CraigCat Catamaran Boats will be there!

For decades, Floridians have gathered near the water’s edge around Christmas time to “ooo and ahhh” over extravagantly decorated boats of all sizes. For true Floridians, this is the best time of the year. When the heat and humidity has passed and you can sit outside and enjoy the crisp air. We may not get rain or snow during Christmas time, but we do get BOAT PARADES!

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Most of these parades are family-friendly and free, so don’t miss your chance to experience a true Florida tradition. Stay up to date with our CraigCat Catamaran Boats and news as we release more helpful blogs to keep you up to date with all the latest boat news. Contact us today!