camo edition Camouflage compact boats in Florida

People Love our Camouflage Compact Boats in Florida

Are you a boating enthusiast who loves camouflage?! If so, our Camo Edition Craig Cat Camouflage compact boats in Florida will blow your mind! Our camo edition compact boats in Florida are tough, reliable and rugged. They are perfect for boaters who want to hide in the marsh or simply love the look of camouflage. All of our state-of-the-art boats, including the camo edition, are quick, roomy and exceptionally well-built. They are all very comfortable and deliver sport boat performance.


At Craig Cat, we offer seven different models of compact boats, each with different price points because we want our customers to find the perfect boat. The camo edition Craig Cat is perfect for a hunter, fisherman or nature enthusiast. The boat comes with a camo convertible top which will shade you from the hot summer sun and make you less visible in your environment. The camo edition also comes with all the awesome standard features listed below:


  • Full Remote will electric key start, and electric tilt
  • DSTS- Dynamic Sport Tuned Suspension System
  • CHD- Calibrated Hull Design
  • ASC- Automatic Stability Control
  • Deluxe Bucket Seats- Comfortable high-back custom deluxe bucket seats
  • Fishing Rod Holders- Custom 4-rod fishing rod holders
  • Deck Light- LED courtesy interior deck light
  • Full-Width Storage- Custom large full-width composite storage compartment
  • Beverage Holders- High grade, polished stainless steel, removable beverage holders
  • Powered by Evinrude- Quiet, efficient, and powerful high output Evinrude E-TEC Engines
  • HD Sound System- High definition JBL AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth sound system, new high-powered chrome finish 2-way marine speakers
  • Extremely Portable- Tow with any vehicle- Boat and trailer only weigh 850 lbs
  • Docking, NAV and Anchor Lights- Twin lon docking lights, NAV, LED anchor light
  • Aircraft Tilt Safety Switch- Conveniently located light switches and “aircraft” tilt safety switch
  • Unsinkable- Tough, maintenance free, UV stabilized, seamless polyethylene, foam filled, unsinkable, rotomolded hulls
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Available in Classic, Catch it, E2 Elite and Electric Models


The Camo edition has certain specifications like length, vehicle weight, speed, weight limit and weight limit per person.


  • Length of boat- 11’4, beam 5’5”, draft engine up- 3” down- 13”
  • Vehicle weight & speed approximately- 25hp- 550lbs/up to 25mph; 30hp-550lbs/up to 30mph
  • Weight limit- 600 lbs. Maximum persons and gear
  • Per person limit- 250 lbs. Per seat

Test Drive Our Camouflage Compact Boats in Florida

Our camo edition Camouflage compact boats in Florida in Florida differ from the other Craig Cat boats because of the camouflage top, seats, tan color and camo accents. The standard features that are equipped with this edition are top-of-the-line. While you’re out on the water in your camo Craig Cat at night, don’t forget you can turn on the LED deck light for optimal visibility. Plus, you also have twin docking lights! If you’re a boat enthusiast and love camo, this Craig Cat is for you!
For more information on the camo edition or ANY of our compact boats, please visit our website: You will find pictures, descriptive information, reviews and much more! If you have specific questions you can always call our Craig Cat headquarters, located in Orlando, FL!

Catamaran Boats for Fishing accessories

Catamaran Boats for Fishing Are The Best Solution

CraigCat Catamaran boats are very versatile. There is great flexibility with the number of add on’s, upgrades and customizing you can do with this type of boat. You can add deluxe seating, beverage holders, utility racks, and quite a few awesome fishing specific add-ons. Many of our customers use their Catamaran Boats for fishing trips, so we want to offer all the add-ons that they may need. Since the CraigCat is so versatile, adding/ taking off fishing accessories is simple!

Fishing Accessories We Offer

Wing Storage Racks– Assuming you’ve seen the CraigCat Catamaran Boats for fishing, you can see that it is a compact design.There is enough space to store your favorite fishing gear and a small cooler, which is one reason the CraigCat is so awesome! Once you purchase your boat from CraigCat, you can decide if you need more storage. Fisherman need space for their tackle box and gear, which is why we have created wing storage racks that customers can purchase as an add-on. The racks are 1’ X 2’ and located on both sides of the boat. The racks are placed in the perfect spot where you can conveniently create the space to change fishing lures and get your pole ready.

Elevated Fishing Seat- YOU’LL LOVE THIS! The standard CraigCat models come with two seats which are in the style of a “low rider.” If you love to fish, you probably know that it’s difficult to fish while being low to the ground. You need to be standing or elevated so you cast the pole properly. Well, we got you covered with our elevated fishing seat! You can quickly and easily replace either the driver or passenger seat with the elevated fishing seat. With a Kingpin System, the stainless steel base plate and aluminum post attached to the seat is MEANT for trolling purposes.

Electric Trolling Motor Mount- An electric trolling motor mount is one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can install on your boat. This type of motor can be used as the primary motor in moving your boat around or it can be used as a backup motor. Trolling motors are great for fishing boats because you can navigate around the water quietly and at a slow pace. Our electric trolling motor mount is made for trolling motors up to 30lbs of thrust.

Fishing Rod Holder- Often times fishermen use multiple fishing poles to maximize their chances of catching fish. It’s hard to handle multiple poles, which is why we created a fishing rod holder that can be easily added to any of our boats. It holds four rods and reels and is an aluminum frame with polyethylene rod holders. The perfect compliment to any fishing enthusiasts boat.

Contact Us Right Away

As you can see, CraigCat offers all the necessary add-ons to turn your Catamaran Boat into a FISHING MACHINE. If you’re interested in any other add-ons, please visit our website to see what else we offer. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please give us a call. We want the CraigCat to be as versatile and customizable as possible! Visit for more info.

craigcat catamaran boats

7 Benefits of Craigcat Catamaran Boats

CraigCat Catamaran boats offer the fun, stability, comfort, ease of handling and amenities that you will not find on any other watercraft in the world.

1. Less fatigue
CraigCat power catamarans offer the only built in suspension system in the marine industry. In choppy conditions the hulls move independent of each other giving the driver an passenger a much smoother ride than your typical small boat.

2. Stability
The CraigCat is unsinkable and extremely stable. Two 200 lb persons can stand on one side with very little list. The unbelievable stability also give the CraigCat a very comfortable safe dry ride that is extremely fun to drive.

3. Cruise in shallow water
CraigCats literally float on top of the water with a draft of only 14 inches with the engine down and 3 inches with the engine up the CraigCat can go just about anywhere! Great for flats fishing, cruising around islands, and exploring your favorite places. Try that with any other compact power boat…

4. The opportunity to swim
Because of the stability and lack of free board to scale over, the CraigCat is very easy to get on and get off of. This freedom allows you to go swimming, snorkeling and diving very easy.

6. Uninhibited View
The CraigCat gives you an uninhibited view of everything around you. The experience actually immerses you in your environment like no other power boat in the world.

7. Better handling
In conventional boats, you begin to worry when the conditions get harsh, their instability and the fact that a regular old bath-tub style boat can take on water can get scary even in regular conditions you have to be careful. In the world of CraigCat catamarans, our boats are unsinkable,  cannot take on water and perform very well in rough conditions. Craigcat Catamaran Boats can handle these extreme conditions far better than the monohull.

We Can Answer Your Questions

If you have any question about our CraigCat catamaran boats please visit our headquarters in Orlando, or call us at (407) 290-8778.

Compact Boat maintenance tips

Top Compact Boat Maintenance Tip

All compact boats require maintenance regardless of whether they are small, customized or basic. The CraigCat requires the least amount of maintenance in the world of boating.  Evinrude engines only require scheduled maintenance every 3 years or 300 hours! Besides a little cleaning and a little lubrication on the steering system the CraigCat is very easy to care for.

Wash your boat

The simplest task is to wash your boat on a regular basis. If you boat in salt water, ensure that you rinse it thoroughly with fresh water after every boating outing to get rid of salt residue. Consider using marine boat wash since it is formulated for gel coat. Some boaters also use car wash soap and laundry soap in a pinch.

Let Us Provide Compact Boat Maintenance

If you would like us to provide Compact Boat Maintenance at our Craig Catamaran Corporation headquarters, give us a call today to schedule your appointment: (407) 290-8778.