Compact Boats in FL

Many people enjoy boating as a lifestyle and not just a hobby. People love the feeling of freedom out on the open waters and CraigCat can help you with all of your boating needs. We offer multiple Compact Boats in FL for you to choose from and help when deciding on the perfect boat accessories to add.

Perks Of Compact Boats in FL

When people hear the word compact, they may think of small and cramped spaces but there are plenty of advantages to compact boats. One of the pros of owning a compact boat is being able to get around local restriction due to physical challenges. Having a small boat is very practical for the constant fluctuation in water depth that other boats cannot handle because of their size. They also do not require a diesel engine which is not environmentally safe. Compact boats in FL are more eco-friendly because you do not need anything over 75 horsepower for this size of the boat. These boats can travel on almost any type of waterway, they do not need to be in deep waters like larger boats.

A compact boat is great fofirst-timeme boat buyers. If you are shifting into the boating lifestyle, this is a great type of boat to ease yourself into it. These boats are used for simple transportation on any depth of water and are easy to use.

Adding A Trailer To Your Boat

There are a few things to consider when adding a trailer to your car and boat for transfer. You will need to find out if your vehicle can tow, what the towing rate is, and research what hitches will work with your boat and vehicle. When you are interested in adding a trailer, you will have to think about what you are towing, decide how big the trailer should be, and determine the type of equipment you will need.

Another thing to consider is how adding a compact boat on a trailer to the back of your car will affect the way your car drives. Since compact boats are small, they are easy to transfer. When you are looking for a vehicle to use for adding a trailer to your boat in order to drive it from your home to the water, there are some features you should keep in mind. Determine the towing capacity of the vehicle which will be a part of the information that is presented for a vehicle. Also, look for the curb weight which reflects what the tow will weigh when it is fully fueled but has not cargo or passengers. Trucks and SUV’s  engineered with contemporary standards can be lighter and have better fuel efficiency but are still able to carry a heavier load safely.
If you are purchasing a vehicle specifically for boating, it is worth your while to purchase a tow package. A vehicle with tow packages has stronger suspension and brakes along with a larger radiator and a more powerful transmission. Compact boats are great for safe travels and any body of water so when purchasing a vehicle with a trailer, keep in mind some of the aspects that will benefit your boat and vehicle environmentally.

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pre-owned small power boats

If you live in Florida, owning a boat is a valuable asset. With the beautiful weather year-round, investing in pre-owned small power boats is the right choice. Whether you live on the water or have to drive a few miles to relax on the water in your power boat, you can enjoy any small power boats you purchase from CraigCat. It is important to relax and take time for yourself and what better way to do so than on a boat.

A Pre-Owned Small Power Boat Is the Perfect Vehicle for Water Recreation

Have you thought about renting a boat to go out on the water with? Why rent when you can own? If you don’t think you can afford it, think again. You can find a wide selection of pre-owned small power boats for a price that won’t break your budget. These are power boats with one previous owner and next to no mileage. There’s no wear and tear to worry about. These boats are as close to new as possible and they’re ready for you to enjoy.

It’s Time for You to Get Out on the Water and Enjoy Your Summer Season

If you’re ready to get out on the water, there’s no time to waste. Why spend money on a huge monster boat when a small one will fit your budget and your needs? You don’t need to take out a second mortgage just to buy the boat of your dreams. A small power boat is your ticket to fun out on the water, and it’s time you took advantage of this amazing new deal. For a fraction of the price you’d pay down on a new vehicle, you can get a small pre-owned power boat that will more than meet your needs.

When the Deal Is This Good, You Just Can’t Say No

There’s no reason why you should wait to get a new boat. Why spend years saving up all of your pennies while several seasons pass you by? By the time you’re ready to get the boat you’ve been saving up for, the season is gone and you’re stuck on the dry dock until next spring. Instead of waiting, why not contact a professional pre-owned boat dealer and obtain a great boat that will get you out on the water today?

Get First Class Deals on Small Power Boats at CraigCat

If you’re looking for the ultimate smart deals on pre-owned small power boats, CraigCat is the place to go. We can get you into the boat of your choice in less time than it would take any of our competitors to get their models out of inventory. Instead of wasting time haggling over the fine print, why not go straight to the number one source for power boats? The summer season is fast approaching, and the time to get out into the water is now. Contact CraigCat today to learn more about what we can do for you. We sell new boats as well as some of our pre-owned boats for your enjoyment.

CraigCat E2 Elite Mini Boats

What Do All E2 Elite Mini Boats Have in Common?

For starters, they are the cream of the crop in terms of reliability and performance. This is what you are in store for with the CraigCat E2 Elite Mini Boats.

Imagine yourself cruising down the Florida coast in one of these amazing machines. The two models offered are the Evinrude 25 horsepower or 30 horsepower. Both engines feature the E-TEC reliability. The prices between these models vary slightly so if its horsepower you’re after, grab the 30 hp and don’t look back.

Pain Options

For a small extra cost, each model can be equipped with either the Key West edition or the CAMO edition. The standard edition comes in a white body style with blue accents. The Key West style comes in a traditional yellow body and has red accents. The seats and canopy are bright red. If you need to blend in with the scenery a little better for fishing, the CAMO edition is worth the upgrade.

The CAMO edition comes equipped with grass leaf wooden camouflage seats and canopy. In Orlando waters, these seats will blend in wonderfully with the grass sticking out of the water. The body is a light tan color. It has two spotlights on the deck to light up the night. This is a fantastic accessory for when you want to do some night fishing. These models were created with fisherman, hunters and general outdoor lovers in mind. The speaker grills are more laid back with a black accent instead of a chrome accent found on other models.

Whether it be the Standard, Key West or CAMO edition, you will have a blast with the entertainment system equipped on the CraigCat Mini Boats. They feature a full HD JBL AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth capability. The chrome finish on the speaker grills really stands out and will be sure to impress your friends. These speakers are marine tested so they can withstand the harshest of conditions.

All E2 Elite Mini Boats come standard with a full remote electric key starting mechanism. Electric tilt is also included in this package. The Dynamic Sport Tuned Suspension system will keep your body feeling great after being on the water for hours at a time. If you enjoy fishing, the custom rod holders are a wonderful treat. You can store up to 4 different rods for the entire family.

If you have a larger family, the full-width storage will be a welcoming trademark. This composite style design will house all of your belongings and keep them safe from the water. High-grade stainless steel drink holders can hold your drinks when you’re out having fun.

Let’s face it, not everyone has a truck that can haul 10 tons at a time. These Craigcat Mini Boats were made with portability in mind. They can be towed with almost any automobile or truck. The trailer holding one of these boats will only weigh approximately 850 lbs. This also makes it easier for you to get the boat on the water in a minute and enjoy the weather right away!

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Catamaran Boats in Florida The Tahitian

At Craig Cat, we know that both style and functionality matter. Our catamaran boats in FL are exceptionally well-built and come in an array of different styles. All Craig Cat boats deliver a rare blend of sport boat performance and genuine comfort. Some of our models include the Camo Edition, Key West Edition and of course, our new model for 2017…The Tahitian.

Who Invented Catamaran Boats?

Transport yourself to the pacific with our Tahitian style compact boat. Did you know, Polynesians actually invented the catamaran boat? In case you aren’t familiar, a catamaran is a multi-hulled watercraft featuring two parallel hulls of equal size. Polynesians invented the first catamaran boat to travel the pacific islands. The two parallel hulls were logs! The founders of Craig Cat admire how the first catamaran boat was invented and acknowledged that the Polynesians invented it. That is why we created the Tahitian!


The Tahitian is our most recent model and it screams “Island Vibes!” The center piece of the boat is painted to look like brown and yellow bamboo pieces, which actually looks like real bamboo. The center piece has the name of the boat The Tahitian written in a flowy island font with a flower attached as part of the name, or otherwise logo. Red Hibiscus flowers can be found in at least two spots on the Tahitian. One big, beautiful flower can be found towards the end of the boat right above the stereo system. Another red Hibiscus flower can be found on the convertible top, next to the words Craig Cat. If you like the Tahitian but would prefer something other than a flower, you can replace the large hibiscus flower above the stereo with a Tahitian sun. The Tahitian model also comes with a friend…a cute green lizard that is part of the theme. That little guy is placed next to the hibiscus flower above the stereo.

The Quality of Our Catamaran Boats in FL

The seats in the Tahitian are cream and tan colored, which match well with the bamboo centerpiece. The Tahitian stands out from all the other Craig Cat catamaran boats in F L because of its island style. To get down to the nitty-gritty see all the standard features below!


  • Full Remote will electric key start, and electric tilt
  • DSTS- Dynamic Sport Tuned Suspension System
  • CHD- Calibrated Hull Design
  • ASC- Automatic Stability Control
  • Deluxe Bucket Seats- Comfortable high-back custom deluxe bucket seats
  • Fishing Rod Holders- Custom 4-rod fishing rod holders
  • Deck Light- LED courtesy interior deck light
  • Full Width Storage- Custom large full width composite storage compartment
  • Beverage Holders- High grade, polished stainless steel, removable beverage holders
  • Powered by Evinrude- Quiet, efficient, and powerful high output Evinrude E-TEC Engines
  • HD Sound System- High definition JBL AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth sound system, new high-powered chrome finish 2-way marine speakers
  • Extremely Portable- Tow with any vehicle- Boat and trailer only weigh 850 lbs
  • Docking, NAV and Anchor Lights- Twin lon docking lights, NAV, LED anchor light
  • Aircraft Tilt Safety Switch- Conveniently located light switches and “aircraft” tilt safety switch
  • Unsinkable- Tough, maintenance free, UV stabilized, seamless polyethylene, foam filled, unsinkable, rotomolded hulls
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

Looking For a Craigcat?

If you’re looking for catamaran boats in FL, we’re confident that you will find exactly what you’re looking for at Craig Cat. We have seven models for you to choose from, including the amazing Tahitian! Visit for more information.