Gifts for boaters at CraigCat

Looking for a 4th of July boat that will leave a smile on your dad’s’ face? At CraigCat, we keep an inventory that will surely leave your father feeling loved and appreciated this Independence day. From all the bells and whistles to speed you can’t resist, we deliver top of the line products designed to fit any need. When it comes to looking for gifts for boaters, CraigCat is the place to search- and who doesn’t love a good holiday sale?

Making Conservative Boating Cool Again

Let’s be realistic. People are finding themselves with zero lot property lines that leave little room to house a motorboat yet alone one that doesn’t take up the whole backyard. If your father doesn’t have a lot of green space then we’re the motorboat dealer for you.


Consider the king of our fleet for your king at home. Our E2 Elite model is top-of-the-line and a great selection for your 4th of July boat surprise. This high performance model comes with the choice of 25hp or 30 hp engine. Don’t let the size of the horsepower intimidate you. This small motorboat will deliver the thrill your father is looking for. Our competitive pricing makes either horsepower options affordable with only a $533 dollar difference. We even offer payment plans as low as $138 a month. Standard features of the E2 Elite include:


  • Custom deluxe bucket seats
  • A convertible bimini top
  • Full width storage compartment
  • High definition JBL sound system (AM, FM, bluetooth, USB input)
  • Stainless steel beverage holders and splash-off
  • Electric key start and electric tilt
  • 4 rod fishing rod holder
  • NAV lights and ion-halogen docking lights with LED courtesy deck light
  • A cooler

Who Said Good Things Don’t Come in Small Packages?

If your father is new to boating and you’re looking for the perfect entry-level design then consider our catamaran boats. These classic boat frames are friendly on the budget and offer 3 levels of horsepower. Classic catamarans come in 20hp, 25hp, and 30hp engines.The 20 hp engine is a great fit for those just starting out. In addition, this boat can be towed by any vehicle with an all around boat and trailer weight of 850 lbs. Because this boat is made of polyethylene and foam filled with roto-modeled hubs, the catamaran model is unsinkable,a characteristic any boater can appreciate. The Classic Catamaran also features:

  • A Dynamic Sports Tuned Suspension (DSTS)
  • Calibrated Hull Design (CHD)
  • Automatic Stability Control (ASC)
  • Storage Compartment
  • Padded Seats

Tailor Your Purchase

If you are looking for gifts for boaters, purchase one of our electric catamarans. There are 4 options to choose from:

  • 2-seater
  • 4-seater
  • 2-seater with solar charging system
  • 2-seater electric maxx


The electric powering systems takes a single charge that will last for hours on end. This deep cycle group 24 hour battery is great for beginner boaters and earth conscious users.


We also offer 3 Editions to our E2 Elite series. Spruce up your gift with The Tahitians polynesian spirit, the Key West’s tropical flare, or The Camo’s camouflage blend for all your hunting and sport fishing needs.

Contact Us

We have a 4th of July boat deal for everybody. CraigCat has the best gifts for boaters! Contact us and we’ll go through our model options with you. Stop by our CraigCat location, visit us online, or give us a call at 407-290-8778 for all inquiries.

tahitian mini boats

Each and every year literally millions of people around the world, like yourself, take to their local waterways, rivers, and coastlines on their personal watercraft. They do this for a variety of reasons, including for relaxation, recreation, and also serious fishing. While people like you spend time on boats for a variety of reasons, you probably have something in common with your fellow boating enthusiasts: You doubtless want to spend your time on the best, most affordable watercraft that you can get your hands on. If you are trying to decide whether to select between Catch-It or Tahitian mini boats, read below to help you make the decision process easier.


Luckily, a company that builds such affordable and well-built watercraft exists, and it’s called CraigCat. This iconic firm builds a variety of exciting and popular watercraft, including two that are known as the Catch-It and the Tahitian Compact Boat. These popular vessels have in common the fine engineering that this firm is known for, but they also have differences that are optimized for specific situations. This article will help to inform you about some of the differences between the Tahitian Compact and its counterpart, thus helping you to decide which model of boat best fits your unique needs and tastes.


The Similarities and Differences


The boat design known as the catamaran has been around for thousands of years, and is known to have been a staple of the Polynesians. The engineers at CraigCat have taken this age old design and have added a slew of mouthwatering modern features that have to be experienced to be believed.


TheTahitian Mini Boats and its counterpart have many important differences, being that they are made for different purposes. The Tahitian Mini Boats are popular among people like you who just like to cruise the ocean blue on beautiful, sunny days. The Catch-It tends to be more popular among people who also like to cruise waterways, but also enjoy the challenge of serious fishing.


That said, these watercraft do have some similarities which will now be explored.


Major Similarities Between the Catch-It and the Tahitian Mini Boats


Full Remote Capability. This includes electric key start and electric tilt functionalities that have the power to make your days on the water trouble-free.


Specialized Deluxe Bucket Seats. This feature includes high-backed, waterproof deluxe bucket seats that will allow you to ride in comfort as well as in style.


Beverage Holders. Let’s face it, you’ll get thirsty from time to time on the open water, but the removable, polished stainless steel beverage holders will have you covered when you do.


Dynamic Sport Tuned Suspension (DSTS). The DSTS feature allows your watercraft to perform well at high speeds.


Evinrude Motors. The experts at Evinrude are responsible for the powerful motors that can have you zipping across the waves at a healthy 30 miles per hour.


Practically Unsinkable. Both the Tahitian and its partner are made with foam-filled polyurethane pontoons that will give you peace of mind on the high-seas.


Some Differences


As you can see, there are many great features that these two models have in common. Here are some differences.


Minnkota Trolling Motor. The Catch-It includes a trolling motor to make your fishing expeditions a piece of cake.


Removable Raised Fishing Seat. The Catch-It also includes a specialized removable fishing seat that you can deploy while fishing and stow when you aren’t.


As you can see, there is much to be appreciated from both varieties of watercraft. If you are a lover of maneuverable, comfortable, and safe watercraft, you’ll do well to take a closer look at these excellent selections.


Contact CraigCat!


If you are ready to enjoy the waters in one of the most loved boats in the industry, contact CraigCat today!

Catamaran boats splash guard covers

Catamaran boats are the best choice when it comes to experiencing a smooth and relaxing ride out on the water. Multi-hulled vessels reduce the impact of choppy waves and water to give you the best ride out on the lake, ocean or river, but how can you make that ride even better? CraigCat is here to help.

CraigCat Accessories Make Boating Better

At CraigCat, we offer a surplus of accessories you can add to your boat to make the most of your hours, days, or weeks out on the water. To aid you in riding in the lap of luxury, we can help outfit your boat with deluxe seats to make your ride as comfortable as possible. With top quality marine vinyl, you won’t even have to worry about wear and tear appearing from daily use like with other boat seating.

To help protect your boat even further, we also offer various types of boat covers for catamaran boats. All of our covers will fit over your entire boat for complete protection, but we also offer covers meant for use during towing and transportation to and from the marina so you can have your boat protected at all times.

Our range of accessories expands to a line of add-ons to help make your day fishing a little easier, too. From a simple fishing rod holder to a set of accessories that includes wing storage racks for all of your bait and hooks, an elevated fishing seat to help reeling in the catch of the day more likely, and an electric trolling motor mount to help pull in even the heaviest catch, we have everything you could possibly need to outfit your catamaran boat for ultimate fishing success. For longer hours on the water, an anchor package is also available to ensure you stay in your perfect fishing spot for as long as you’d like. With 25 feet of anchor line, you can hold your place on most lakes and rivers without worry.

Learn About our Splash Guards!

Who wants to take a boat ride if you’re just going to get splashed with water the entire trip? If you wanted to get wet, most people would just go for a swim. This is why one of the most popular accessories our boat enthusiasts like to add to their catamaran boats is our Splash-Off splash guard, which is designed to help keep you dry even on the choppiest and windiest days. Made with a nearly indestructible polycarbonate material, you can rest assured that your boat day will be a dry one. These splash guards come standard on certain models. For added protection against turbulent spray, we also offer Splash-Off risers that protect even higher. Plus, with marine grade aluminum brackets and stainless steel hardware, you don’t have to worry about rust or water damage ruining your investment.

Buy your Splash Guard Today

Whether you’re looking for accessories to simply make your ride on a catamaran boat more comfortable and luxurious or you want to outfit it for a day out fishing, we have everything for you. We offer only the highest quality accessories for our high-quality boats and know you’ll be just as satisfied as you could hope to be. Contact us today at 407-290-8778 or visit our website!

beverage holders for mini boats

If you like going on excursions on the water then our boat products are the perfect fit for you. Mini Boats are fun because they allow you to get into small creeks and rivers without causing too much commotion. Larger boats usually require deeper water, making it hard to sail on them if the waterway that you are located close to is small. To make your water adventures more enjoyable, we listened to your requests and now offer beverage holders for mini boats.

Craig Catamaran Corporation values all of its customers. It is important to our business model that our boats be high quality and useful for entertaining. Collected Google customer reviews give Craig Catamaran Corporation high ratings with their reviews.

Keep Drinks Safe With Beverage Holders for Mini Boats

CraigCat Mini Boats allow you and one other person to go on an adventure. Our beverage holders permit you to bring drinks along as well. This can be refreshing if you are going fishing or swimming with friends. Mini Boats are small, which makes them more affordable than a yacht.

The boats are easy to haul on a trailer. This enables the average pickup truck owner to get his fishing trip done quickly and efficiently. There are no stiff fees for parking a larger boat at a lake dock. The boats are easy to store in your backyard or driveway. The boats are equipped with LED lights so that you can use them at night time and still have fun.

Our CraigCat powerboats look like two plastic canoes joined together with a strong engine behind them. This design, based on ancient Polynesian canoes, keeps the boats stable as you are motoring through the water. The engine allows you to quickly cruise around a lagoon or a lake. The boats are ideal for fishing excursions, as long as you are not fishing for a larger fish like halibut. Our powerboats are best for warm and smooth water, but they can be used in many environments.

Our company has an option for adding beverage holders for mini boats to ensure that you stay hydrated. This is important if you are in a location where there is a lot of sunlight like Miami, Florida, or San Diego, California.

What Are They Made Of?

The beverage holders for mini boats are made of stainless steel. This is to ensure that they last a long time so that your family can use this boat accessory for years and years.

Order Beverage Holders Today

If you would like to contact our company to learn more about ordering some of our products, be sure to give us a call at 1-877-999-4228. We are also accessible online via email. Come ready with any questions that you might have. For a very reasonable price, you can have a small luxury boat that gives you and your family a great way to enjoy your vacation on the water.